Independent Remuneration Panel

In accordance with the relevant legislative requirements, the council has established an Independent Remuneration Panel.

This Independent Remuneration Panel has the function of providing the council with advice on its Members’ Allowances Scheme and the nature and level of allowances to be paid.  The council must have regard to this advice when reviewing or amending its scheme.

The Government’s approach is to enable councils to determine the amounts to be payable to elected members, having regard to local circumstances; but to sharpen the accountability by having to appoint a local panel whose members are required to be independent of the council.

Leeds City Council’s Independent Remuneration Panel was first established in 1999 as a voluntary initiative in advance of it becoming a statutory requirement in 2001.

The current panel is chaired by Sir Rodney Brooke CBE, who chairs a number of similar panels for other local authorities. The panel has three further members;  Carolyn Lord, David Fortune and Matthew Knight.

The panel arrangements provide for  members to be appointed for a term of four years with all appointments being phased so that one appointment is made each year. This will provide an opportunity for the panel to be entirely refreshed over a period of four years whilst ensuring that acquired knowledge and expertise is carried forward from year to year.​​​​​



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