Temple Newsam consultation

We’d like to hear your views on our proposals to make some changes to the golf course at Temple Newsam and introduce more family activities. 

Suggestions for the site include:

  • family cycling and walking trails
  • cycling facilities for children
  • a children's play area
  • a cafe, shop and bike hire
  • more trees and wildlife
  • a new outdoor events space
  • recreating the historic landscape
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Cycling facilities

We want to create eight kilometres of safe, family friendly cycle routes. We would also create a small scale model of a road system, including road signs, roundabouts and zebra crossings and traffic lights so children can learn to cycle on highways safely.

Children are riding bikes in a miniature version of a road with traffic lights and road signs

Sand Play

We are also considering creating a sand play area. Sand play is extremely popular with children, safe, and great for their learning and development.

Cafe, bike hire and shop

If the proposed cycling and play facilities were installed at the site, it would be possible to develop the current golf buildings into a cafe, bike hire, shop and potentially a classroom. Toilets and a car park are already available. This would generate an income to help fund the maintenance of the cycling and play facilities.

New events space

We would like to use part of the current golf course to hold events. Currently a number of events take place at Temple Newsam estate. Moving these events to an area which is currently part of the golf course would be better because:

  • it is further away from residential areas, creating less noise disturbance
  • it would leave other parts of the estate such as the house, farm, shop and cafe unaffected so people could visit them as usual 

Planting trees and helping the environment

As part of our plans we would plant more trees and provide new wildlife habitats to protect biodiversity.

Recreating the historic landscape

These plans would enable us to recreate parts of the landscape that was originally designed by the famous landscape architect Capability Brown in the 18th century.

Golf at Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam currently has two golf courses (one 18 hole and one 9 hole) that are currently costing us over £200,000 a year to run. We would like to know your views on whether the courses should continue to be subsidised at this level, whether costs should be reduced by keeping some golf on site but in a reduced capacity, or whether the courses should be removed altogether.

We also run another 9 hole golf course at nearby Roundhay Park.

How much will it cost?

We estimate the entire scheme would cost £1.35 million. Much of this cost would be covered by the money we save. We would also expect to make money from the cafe, bike hire and events held at the site, making the area more financially sustainable.

If you want to read our full plans for the site, email us on parks@leeds.gov.uk.

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You can give your view until 31 March 2020.