Together We Are Stronger

Discover the stories of our city.

Together We Are Stronger is a partnership between Leeds City Council and Building a Stronger Britain Together to celebrate the people of Leeds and the pride we have in our city.

The campaign showcases young people from across Leeds who are making an impact in their communities. Each of their stories brings to life the spirit of our city, its inclusivity and its strong sense of community. From Josh, a kickboxing instructor from Seacroft, whose gym is a place that welcomes all, to Halima, who brings Leeds’ communities together during carnival and celebrates with friends from all different backgrounds.

Across the UK, there are groups who seek to divide us. But Leeds stands together: and this celebration of all the things that make our city great is part of that message.

We are all extremely proud to be from Leeds and the values that we as a city hold. But we are also very much aware that we don’t exist in a bubble – we face the same challenges as the rest of the country, including from those who seek to divide our communities from one another and demean the contribution of others to our city. The pride, passion and energy shown by our young people and demonstrated in these videos is the perfect response to these type of views and arguments. They are a great example to all of us of what can be achieved by coming together and building the communities and the city we all want to be part of.
Councillor Debra Coupar, Deputy Leader of Leeds City Council

You can watch the six videos below. We know there are thousands more stories out there like these so, if you love Leeds, share these videos and tell us what it is that makes Leeds special.

Sabrina is a British-Muslim who thrives on defying stereotypes and helping others. Her love and passion for boxing has seen her train young people from all walks of life in Leeds. When she was 18 years old she launched her own youth club that provides a space for girls to be involved in activities.

Josh is a qualified Martial Arts Instructor and competitive kick boxer from Seacroft. He prides himself on his classes being a place where who you are or where you come from doesn’t matter – it’s what you do that counts. Josh promotes understanding, builds relationships and breaks down barriers through sport.

Kamil and Petr are friends and volunteers at CATCH, a community youth organisation in Harehills. Through their work they have become key figures in their local community, giving something back to the city, helping the next generation and challenging negative misconceptions.

Halima helps plan and organise events for both Muslims and non-Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid in order to bring different communities together and promote greater understanding. Halima’s grandad founded Leeds Carnival and she has continued this tradition by being heavily involved.

Isaac is the vice chair for Leeds Youth Council and is an advocate for young people getting involved in debates, civic participation and democracy. His ultimate aim is simply to spread greater good.

Cristiana moved to the UK from Portugal in 2007 and feels that Leeds has shaped who she is today. Through her work at Chapel FM she hopes to help showcase the sounds of Leeds’ many communities as well as provide a platform for them to talk about what is important to them.

Building a Stronger Britain Together (BSBT) is a partnership between UK government, civil society groups and individuals across the UK. It seeks to bring people together to build stronger, more resilient communities, tackle extremism in all its forms, and offer people a positive alternative regardless of race, faith, sexuality, age and gender.