Like many other cities, Leeds has issues with beggars approaching members of the public asking for money, in both a passive and aggressive manner. As such, begging on the streets remains a concern for those who live, work and visit our city centre.

The reasons why people beg can be very complicated, however; giving money to beggars may make life easier for them in the short term, but, in the worst case, could feed a dependency, such as drugs or alcohol. What we do know is it takes more than money to turn a life around.

We are committed to helping people stop begging on the streets and receive the right support they need. We will continue to do this by working in partnership with local support agencies, the Police and Leeds City Council and strive to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of beggars themselves as well as individuals, families and groups who want to enjoy the benefits of a vibrant city centre.

No-one in Leeds should need to beg on the streets. Use your spare change to donate to charity text TBYG99£1 (or any amount from £1 to £10) to 70070, texting is free.



What do we do?

We work with local organisations to provide:

  • Outreach: speaking to people on the street to understand how and why they are begging and explain what support is available.
  • Specialist services: to support with mental health issues, drug or drink addictions
  • Drop in facilities, shelters and supported accommodation: help people to maintain or find accommodation.

How you can help

Give to local homeless charities or buy The Big Issue In The North from a registered vendor. The money will be spent helping to ensure that no-one in Leeds should need to beg on the streets.

Who we work with

BARCA Leeds – support services for families

CRI Leeds Outreach Team​ – providing advice and support to people affected by homelessness and substance abuse

St Anne’s Community Services – helping people with mental health and substance use problems

St George’s Crypt – providing meals, support and emergency accommodation.

St Vincent’s Support Centre – providing advocate and support network help

The Big Issue in the North​ – offering homeless people the opportunity to earn an income and providing support and advice.