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Crime Prevention Initiatives
Here you can find details on some of the Safer Leeds crime prevention initiatives. If you need more information please contact us.

Immobilise is a free service where you can register your property such as mobile phones, bicycles and electrical equipment. It is an effective tool in helping to reduce crime and get property back to its rightful owners.
This online checking service is used by all UK Police forces to trace owners of lost and stolen property. In addition Immobilise is checked daily by a huge range of recovery agencies and lost property offices.
As a direct result of Immobilise there are over 250 cases a week where property is returned or information collected that assists the Police in investigating criminal activity involving stolen goods.
For further information and to register your property please visit
For our 10 top tips to help protect your home from burglary please see the Related Documents section. 
Alleygating is a method of ‘gating up’ alleyways and carriageways to stop burglars from using them to gain access to properties.
If you want an alleyway to be gated you have to apply for a Public Space Protection Order and show that the location is regularly suffering from crime and anti-social behaviour. Anyone likely to be affected by gating an alleyway is consulted, including local residents, emergency services, and utility providers. A gating order lasts for 12 months and is then reviewed.​
If you feel that you would benefit from alley gates please contact your local councillor.

Safer Schools
Police Officers spend all or part of their week working in schools in Leeds as part of the Safer Schools Programme. There are currently 24 officers covering 35 Secondary schools and 2 Universities in Leeds.
Safer Schools is not about patrolling school corridors. The officers go into classrooms and talk to young people about drugs, weapons, rights, responsibilities and crime levels where they live. It is about meeting and talking to pupils and parents and generally improving relationships between the community and the Police.  Also trying to prevent young people from becoming victims of crime or of being involved with anti-social behaviour and crime.
If there is a serious incident in school the Safer Schools Officer can be a bridge between school and major police involvement. The aim is not to criminalise young people unnecessarily.
Each school will be able to advise if they are part of the Safer Schools partnership, for more information please see the Safer Schools Guidance document in the Related Documents section. 

Safer Travel
The Safer Travel partnership was formed in February 2011 when the local transport executive, Metro and the 45 bus operators of the region funded a dedicated Sergeants post. Safer Travel works to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour on public transport across West Yorkshire. 
The Transport Liaison Officer leads regular covert and overt operations with Special Constables and local policing teams that have established a clear relationship between Police and public transport. This has resulted in a 34 percent reduction in damage to buses, 220 less crimes, an approximated saving of over £200,000 for funding partners.
Bus drivers and passengers are encouraged to contact Safer Travel with nuisance and anti-social behaviour concerns so they can be addressed at the earliest opportunity and escalation prevented. Email, text and voicemail reporting services are available. 

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