Ice and snow clearing

From October to March we aim to keep the most important roads and some major pedestrian areas in Leeds safe and as free as possible from wintry hazards.

Gritting routes

A customisable map which can display gritting routes in Leeds is availa​ble on

Grit bins

You can use this page to request a grit bin refill or request a new grit bin. Your nearest grit bins can be found by entering your postcode in the Find my nearest grit bin section.

Request a grit bin refill     Request a new grit bin

Grit bins will be refilled when resources become available provided the main salting routes and other busy roads have been attended.

Salt and grit

We spread salt and grit to prevent ice and snow forming. If snow settles we use ploughs to help keep the roads clear.

The main salt spreading routes include all the main roads, most other busy roads, most bus routes as well as access to hospitals and emergency services. These are always salted when any wintry hazards are forecast and get priority attention during prolonged wintry weather.

If wintry conditions persist and we have treated these roads then we will begin to treat the other roads. We aim to treat footpaths and paved areas if there is snow or frost over a longer period.

When snow is forecast salt is spread on the roads to slow the rate of snow settling. Once the snow is about 25mm or 1 inch it is deep enough to plough.

Weather and travel information

You can keep up to date with weather and and travel information through our travel information and news Twitter accounts.



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Winter Service for Highways

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