Cycling for children and young people

​Our aim is for Leeds to be a child friendly city. There's lots going on and projects around the city to encourage our children and young people to pursue healthy lifestyles by taking up cycling and sport.

​Use the links below to find out what's happening near you.



Cycle training (Bikeability), Cycle LeedsCycle training (Bikeability)<div class="ExternalClass90C0FE5B99744C52A91AFFB85D2F59B3">Bikeability is goverment funded cycle training which is offered free of charge to all schools in Leeds by our training provider Cycle Leeds. The training is to a national standard.<br><br>There are 3 levels of Bikeability, each designed to improve cycling skill​s whatever your experience. The levels cover the basics of balance and control through to planning and making an independent journey on busy roads.<br><br> Please see the link below for more information.​​</div>
Cycling experiences for children and young people with disabilities Cycling experiences for children and young people with disabilities <div class="ExternalClassD20687BBE8FE4DAD83395AC2E25C57A6"><strong>Available at Herd Farm and Lineham Farm.</strong><br><br>Cycling experiences for children and young people with disabilities aged 10 years and above. These aim to harness an element of independence and encourage participants to have fun cycling.<br><strong><br>Further information<br></strong><br>Both centres offer a range of adapted bikes. These range from trikes to quads, all purpose and built to offer cycling experiences for children and young people with disabilities.<br><br>Herd Farm has a purpose built onsite cycle compound that allows riders to manoeuvre around a network of tracks. This area also provides easier management by staff & carers.<br><br>Lineham Farm Education Centre provides a similar adapted cycling experience, but without a dedicated track.<br><br>All bikes, staffing, safety equipment and instruction is provided.<br><strong><br>Cost<br><br></strong>For those within Leeds City Council boundaries: £159 per group for a two hour session. <br><br>Outside Leeds City Council boundaries: £220 per group for a two hour session. <br><br>Groups can be up to 12 children/young people<br><strong><br>Contact details<br></strong><br>Herd Farm: 0113 393 0012 or email <a href=""></a><br><br>Lineham Farm: 0113 230 0959 or email <a href=""></a> ​​​​​​</div>
Let's Ride - Leeds, Let's RideLet's Ride - Leeds<div class="ExternalClassB022A9A405554EA9AF20656AC4D8A5A6"><div>Let's ride more in 2017<br><br>Free bike rides to join, and great routes to explore from British Cycling and HSBC UK</div></div>

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