Community committee Wellbeing Fund 2019/20

The Inner North West, Inner West and Outer West Community Committees are inviting groups and organisations to apply to their Wellbeing and Youth Activity Funding, for projects starting after 1 April 2019.

Types of funding available


The Wellbeing Fund supports projects that focus on the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the local area.

Youth Activity Fund (YAF)

The YAF is available to groups who would like to provide local activities for young people aged between 8 - 17 years across Leeds. Activities would include opportunities for play, arts, sports and providing new experiences for both during school holidays and outside of school hours.

We work with young people through youth summits for their preferences on which projects the YAF should fund. To take part in the youth summit for these community areas, please email

Fund eligibility

To apply for funding your group must be a:

  • community or voluntary group
  • commercial organisation on a non-profit basis
  • council department or statutory service

If you're applying for the YAF, your group must also register with the Breeze Culture Network.

​Before completing your application form

Your proposed project must meet at least one of the following objectives:



Best City for Children and Young PeopleBest City for Children and Young People<div class="ExternalClassA0F20F6A0EAC481995664B0A7317225E"><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>support activities that make people and places feel safer</li><li>support children and young people to be engaged, active and inspired</li></ul></div>
Best City for Health and WellbeingBest City for Health and Wellbeing<div class="ExternalClassBA5FE23B52114521BF964EBC7945BD5F"><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>promote healthy lifestyles and tackle health inequalities</li><li>improve access and engagement in sport and cultural activites</li></ul></div>
Best City for BusinessBest City for Business<div class="ExternalClass455A93B851D8401B9A1999CDA1EBA8F9"><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>provide opportunities for people to get jobs, volunteer or learn new skills</li></ul></div>
Best City for CommunitiesBest City for Communities<div class="ExternalClassA57C853BCC6D4240A8AE7F29E51746A4"><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>increase community activity and local residents involvement in decision making</li><li>work with partners to improve services in out local neighbourhoods</li><li>enhance the quality of out car parks and public spaces</li><li>develop and make better use of community assets</li></ul></div>

Applicants need to take the following into consideration, before applying:

  • only one funding application per community committee can be submitted
  • projects can only be made within the communities the committee serves (check the ward map)
  • supporting documentation needs to be submitted
  • evidence of expenditure has to be submitted to the team before funding is released

Read further information about funding and how to complete the application form.

Apply for funding

Please complete the application form (Word 1MB).

The completed application form should be emailed to the Communities team.

You can also post your completed application form to:

Communities Team
The Reginald Centre
263 Chapeltown Road

Applications must be received no later than Friday 11 January 2019 by 5pm. Applications will be reviewed by March 2019.