Community Committees

What are community committees?

There are ten community committees across the city each providing a forum for local people to have their say about what happens in their community.

Community committees are an important part of the council’s decision making process and each committee has elected members as voting members.

The community committee holds at least four public meetings a year, where local people can meet with each other and with councillors, to discuss key issues of concern, and help influence decisions on matters of local interest.

Attending the meetings allows local people and councillors’ time to get to know groups and organisations that work in the area.

How do community committees work?

Local councillors elected to represent the area sit on the community committee, involve local people in discussions about the issues, and take decisions on key areas such as environmental improvements, community safety, health and wellbeing and employment.

The community committees also allocate money for local projects and activities. More information can be found by contacting your local area support team. 

How can you get involved?

  • Attend a meeting
  • Contact your local councillor
  • Ask a question or take part in a discussion either at a meeting or through our social media pages. 

Meetings are held at different locations across the city, generally starting in the early evening and lasting a couple of hours. All meetings are open to the public and are usually themed around a particular topic.

Details of the meetings are published on our website and can also be found on our social media pages along with other local information and activities.

How can I apply for funding?

Each community committee has a budget for both community projects and youth activities.  Each year funds are allocated to projects that will benefit the local area and address local priorities.  Small grants up to £500 and large grants over £500 are available for community groups, charities or other public services to apply. Funding can also be granted for the delivery of youth activities for children and young people aged 8-17 years across the city. For details of how to make an application please contact your local community committee:


The Inner North West, Inner West and Outer West Community Committees are inviting groups and organisations to apply to their Wellbeing and Youth Activity Funding, for projects starting after 1 April 2019. Further details can be found on the community committees Wellbeing Fund page.

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