Leadership Development

Effective leadership is a big priority for Leeds and this is reflected in the importance we place on leadership development, both within Children’s Services and across the wider council. We have been working closely with our specialist HR teams to develop a leadership development package that every senior manager in Children's Services can access. All of our leaders have the opportunity to participate in a bespoke programme giving them the chance to build meaningful relationships with colleagues in other services and to take part in a variety of opportunities which involve not only colleagues from the wider council, but also from partner organisations.

The Leadership programme is divided into four parts. 

Creating the conditions of success

Five mandatory elements, delivered in partnership with others based on the big themes vital on our journey to being an outstanding Council

  • Restorative Practice
  • How children grow up / adolescent development
  • Basic assessment of need
  • Listening and responding to children, young people and families
  • Health and Wellbeing

Leadership and Management development

  • A menu of sessions, covering a wider range of skills and knowledge, you agree with your manager which you attend.
  • Equality Impact Assessments
  • Political Awareness
  • Restorative Practice Level 1 training
  • Delegated Decision Making
  • Outcome Based Accountability
  • Media Training
  • Communicating with Impact and Presence
  • Performance Appraisals and positive conversations
  • Leading people through change

Team Development

Recommended opportunities that can be made bespoke depending on your leadership/management team and outcomes desired

  • Team work style analysis, impact analysis
  • Facilitated bespoke team building sessions

Individual Development

Opportunities for leaders to take responsibility for their own development and access peers and external support and challenge to enable them to do that

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Regional leadership programme
  • 360’ feedback
  • Master classes

As an authority we have initiated the Leaders for Leeds programme http://leadersforleeds.com which aims to build on our work for the Commission on the Future of  Local Government. The executive summary of this report can be found at www.civicenterpriseuk.org.

As part of a regional partnership, if you choose a career in Leeds you will have the opportunity to put yourself forward for a range of regional opportunities including a chance to prepare yourself for more senior roles. More information about this partnership can be found at www.yhcsleadership.co.uk.




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