Rent a garage

Leeds City Council owns over 5,000 garages and plot sites across the city which can be rented and used to store cars or vans or motorcycles.

Both council tenants and non-tenants can apply to rent a garage.

If you’re struggling to park in your street or near your workplace this could be the answer.

Council garages cannot currently be used for commercial use, repairing vehicles or running a business.


Please complete the application form and return it to your local housing office.


It is £8.15 per week for council tenants and £8.15 plus VAT per week for non-council tenants.

Insurance for garages is not included in the tenants’ insurance scheme.

How are garages allocated?

All applicants join a waiting list. Garages are allocated from the waiting list based on the following criteria:

  • Council tenants are considered before non-tenants
  • Council tenants with rent arrears on their property account will not be considered until they have paid these arrears in full
  • Preference will be given to tenants who have a mobility vehicle
  • Priority will be given to people living closest to the garage
  • If no waiting list exists then garages are let on a first come first served basis
  • Only one garage is allocated per applicant unless there are no other applicants on the waiting list for that area

Ending your garage tenancy

The tenant or the council can give notice at any time. Unlike a domestic property, the council can give notice to a garage tenant without reason. A court order is not needed to gain possession of a garage.

The notice period for a built garage is one week ending on a Monday. The notice period for a garage plot site is one month. 

The tenant can give notice by completing and signing a garage termination notice form. If the tenant gives notice on a garage plot it is their responsibility to clear and dispose of the garage.


Please call 0800 188 4000 to report repairs.

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