Leeds Strategic Housing Partnership

The Leeds Strategic Housing Partnership is a wide partnership of organisations and customer groups that have an interest in the successful delivery of the Leeds Housing Strategy 2016-21 (PDF, 3.3MB).

It will champion a new and dynamic approach to engage with all partners in the housing sector to advance progress in relation to each theme in the strategy.

There are six strategic themes:

  • Click to expand Affordable Housing Growth
  • Click to expand Improving Housing Quality
  • Click to expand Promoting Independent Living
  • Click to expand Creating Sustainable Communities
  • Click to expand Improving Health through Housing
  • Click to expand Meeting the needs of Older Residents

Leeds Strategic Housing Board

The role of the board is to consider and respond to emerging issues such as changes in local housing or population trends to identify the impact on Leeds. They will work with a variety of organisations across Leeds to support the delivery of the Leeds Housing Strategy.

The core membership of the Board is made up of:

  • six Elected Members
  • one Independent Member
  • two Tenant Members