Medical Issues

At Independent Living our aim is to work with people who wish to remain in their own home wherever possible.

This may mean an aid or adaptation is placed within your home to assist you with independent living.

We recognise that this is not always possible, and a variety of options can be considered after an assessment of your needs is carried out.

This is usually done by an Occupational Therapist or Assistant, who will look at how someone’s medical condition impacts upon their housing, and what aids and adaptations need to be put in place to allow them to remain there.  An example of this would be a stair lift to aid someone who has difficulty on stairs.

To refer someone you know who may be in need of an assessment you should call:

Adult Social Care 0113 2224401
Children’s social care 0113 2224404

What assistance you will receive is dependent upon if you own your own home (grant assistance which is means tested) you are a tenant of the Council or other RSL, or a private tenant (with landlords' agreement).

If you need to move to provide support to someone, or you are on the Leeds Homes Register and require an assessment or medical recommendation due to the health needs of yourself or someone in your household, you may request an assessment by calling the Independent Living Team on 0113 378 4900.

Supporting evidence to verify any expressed health needs will form part of the assessment, so GP letters from GP’s, Consultants or other third parties is always advisable.

If you live outside of Leeds but need to move a form will be posted for you to complete with supporting evidence.



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