LGBT+ customers

Whilst members of the LGBT+ community are welcome and encouraged to access our services in all of the usual ways we recognise that there may be specific barriers or needs.

We are committed to ensuring that we are providing the best possible service to all customers including those from the LGBT+ community.

If you find yourself in housing need we want you to be assured that your situation will be dealt with sensitively and, where appropriate by a specially trained Officer.

Leeds Housing Options have developed the following LGBT+ service standards which complement and enhance our service standards for all customers.

Service Standards

  • A commitment that any requests from the LGBT+ community for a housing needs assessment will be carried out within three working days

  • To publish the contact details for our management LGBT+ champion

  • Any feedback provided where the customer identifies their sexuality or gender as an element will be dealt with by a senior manager in conjunction with the LGBT management champion

  • To make an offer to members of the LGBT+ community to carry out a housing assessment in a safe space of their choosing; this can be in one of our community based offices, a drop-in surgery or, where appropriate, at their home

  • A commitment that any young person up to the age of 25 experiencing housing need as a result of their sexuality or gender will be seen by our Young Person’s team

  • A dedicated email address that members of the LGBT+ community can choose to use which connects them with a specially trained Officer who will deal with their enquiry

Further information

Contact us

Sam Mitchell-Ghafoor - LGBT Management Champion



What if I am a professional working with the LGBT+ community and someone approaches in housing need?What if I am a professional working with the LGBT+ community and someone approaches in housing need?<div class="ExternalClass76BD6B61D93B46C5B9670CFAD9A10A65">​​<p>If you are a professional working with a member of the LGBT+ community in housing need we encourage you to get in touch with us using the email address <strong><a href=""></a></strong> so that we can offer you and your client advice and assistance to resolve their housing needs. You will need to get the consent of your client before contacting us. We are also happy for professionals who wish to have more general conversations and/or training on housing needs to contact us on this address. If your organisation routinely encounters LGBT+ people in housing need please contact us about the possibility of a regular surgery.​​</p></div>
What if I need to flee an abusive partner or family member?What if I need to flee an abusive partner or family member?<div class="ExternalClass0439CAF51DA6497491D69D5803871873">​​<p>We recognise that domestic violence from a partner is just as common in relationships for LGBT+ people and we provide a holistic service for people leaving abusive relationships regardless if this is from a partner or family member. We work in close partnership with West Yorkshire Police and Leeds Domestic Violence Service to ensure the safety of victims of domestic violence and minimise the impact this experience can have on our customer’s mental health and happiness.​​</p></div>
What if I’m not out?What if I’m not out?<div class="ExternalClassEA0B237B19114B6DB90F996C046620CA">​​<p>All housing needs assessments are confidential but we understand if members of the LGBT+ community are not ‘out’ they may be worried about sharing personal information. We have committed to carrying out assessments in a safe space of your choosing and would encourage you to email <strong><a href=""></a></strong> before approaching so that we can reassure you and make an appointment if this is preferred.​​</p></div>