Leaving hospital

If you are in hospital and do not have a property to return to, or if your current property is unsuitable, we can offer support and assistance.

Patients in a general ward should speak to the ward sister or ward manager about their housing concerns. Our specialist housing advisor liaises with the hospital discharge co-ordinator regularly and can complete assessments on the ward where a housing need causes a delay to discharge.

We work closely with occupational therapists and the Independent Living Team, whose aim is to work with people who wish to remain in their home wherever possible.

Patients on an acute mental health ward will working with Community Links based at the hospital. This ensures that their pathway out of hospital can start to be planned as soon as they are admitted in crisis. Community Links work with adult social care, Leeds Housing Options and the Mental Health Housing Team to ensure that discharge is not delayed by a housing issue.

The best advice is to speak to the officers on your ward as early as possible. Leeds Housing Options work flexibly to ensure an assessment takes place as early as possible and work in partnership with professionals to provide the best possible outcome.

Further information and advice

Community Links

Leeds City Council - support for adults with mental health needs.

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