Gypsy and Travellers

​​The Travellers Services team has responsibility for the management of two permanent Traveller sites based at Cottingley Springs.

The service also responds to all encampments within the Leeds boundary.

We also support and manage any negotiated stopping places across the city.

If you have an enquiry about either Cottingley Springs, an encampment in your area or a negotiated stopping site please contact the team on 0113 247 5493 or 0113 395 1102.

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Cottingley Springs SiteCottingley Springs Site<div class="ExternalClassF126A656908948DD81E6DEA4E37B17B6"><p>​Cottingley Springs is two sites offering 41 individual plots of accommodation; we oversee the management of Cottingley Springs, including repairs and modernisation.  The team is on site daily between 1-3pm.</p> <p>If you would like to apply for a plot on Cottingley Springs you can call in to Leeds Housing Options and speak to us in person; this will enable us to ensure that we give you the best possible advice having listened to your individual circumstances. Alternatively you can speak to us at Cottingley Springs, telephone <strong>0113 247 5493</strong> or email <strong><a href=""></a></strong>. <br></p></div>
Unauthorised Encampments on Private LandUnauthorised Encampments on Private Land<div class="ExternalClass85161BBDB4F04996A474FE37A90B131F">​If Gypsies/Travellers are camped on private land, it is usually the landowner's responsibility to move them. We recommend that if you are in this situation you seek independent legal advice.<br><br>If a landowner is in breach of any planning or licensing regulations, the Council are obliged to take proceedings against the landowner to demand the removal of the illegal encampment.</div>
Unauthorised Encampments on Council LandUnauthorised Encampments on Council Land<div class="ExternalClass7D21F16E2A874C58B1395CD0E1ECD7E7"><p>​We take the lead in managing unauthorised encampments on Leeds City Council land within the Leeds boundaries. </p> <p>If you are living on an encampment or would like to report an encampment and would like to speak with us call 0113 2475493.<br>When we are made aware of an unauthorised encampment on Council land, we follow the process outlined below:<br><br>• Visit the site within 24 hours where possible.<br>• Arrange for appropriate facilities for each encampment to ensure welfare needs are met and minimise its impact in the area. <br>• Demonstrate that the Gypsies/Travellers are camped on the land without consent.<br>• Liaise between Gypsies and Travellers and the settled community. <br>• Carry out a welfare assessment <br>• Decide if a tolerated period of occupation is necessary, and where appropriate advise all key partner agencies.<br><br>If it is decided that a tolerated period is not appropriate or the period has come to an end, the Council must apply to the Court for a formal hearing to ask for a possession order. <br><br>A Judge will decide if the Council will be granted permission to move the encampment on. If granted, this possession order will have a date by which the encampment must leave. <br><br>If the date has passed and the encampment has not left, the Council must apply to the Court for an eviction warrant – this enables Court Bailiffs to carry out an eviction and clear the land.<br><br>Any clean up is the landowner's responsibility. If it is public land, Leeds City Council will clean and secure the area.</p></div>
Working with Travellers and communitiesWorking with Travellers and communities<div class="ExternalClass73A011B7C23B427EB7778E82E8394346">​Gypsies and Travellers have always been a part of our community in Leeds. We welcome different cultures within Leeds and we seek to promote the contribution that Gypsies, Roma and Travellers make to society.</div>



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