Supporting you in your tenancy

​Our vision is to create and maintain successful tenancies, ensuring that our tenants are able to stay in their homes for as long as they wish.

We want our all tenants to have a good quality of life, particularly those who are vulnerable or experiencing poverty and inequality. We know that it is also important for you to feel and be safe in your homes, in the streets and the places you go.

We recognise that your circumstances may change and that you may need some extra support at particular times in your life, such as if you are:

  • young and never had your own home before
  • an older person who needs help at hand
  • have a physical, sensory or learning disability
  • at risk of domestic violence
  • having difficulties with everyday tasks or domestic affairs
  • drug or alcohol dependent
  • experiencing money problems, including rent arrears

We want to help you live independently in your home and receive linked up services to support you.

To find out how we can support you, please email or call 0800 188 4000.

Leeds Directory gives you the choice of over 1700 businesses and organisations that can support you to live independently help with jobs around the home and personal care.

Read the Leeds Directory​​​​



Are you worried about domestic violence? Are you worried about domestic violence? <div class="ExternalClass3E4FE5E357E74923B164D0B0C3753726"><p>​​​If you (or someone you know) is experiencing, or has experienced, domestic abuse, we can help.</p> <p><strong>​​​What is domestic abuse?</strong></p> <p>​​​Domestic abuse is any incident of threatening or controlling behaviour (eg controlling finances), violence or mental abuse between adults who have been in a relationship together, or between family members, regardless of gender or sexuality. </p> <p>​​​<strong>You’re not to blame</strong></p> <p>​​​Domestic abuse is one of the most common types of under reported or “hidden” crimes. It is not easy to accept that a loved one can behave so aggressively. Because you cannot explain their behaviour, you may think you are to blame. You are not. No one deserves to be assaulted, abused or humiliated, least of all by a loved one. It is your abuser’s behaviour that needs to change.</p> <p>​​​<strong>How to get help</strong></p> <p>​​​The most important thing you can do is to tell someone and protect yourself and/or your children. We will listen without judging you, and offer advice. Everything you tell us will be treated in complete confidence. </p> <p>​​​You can report domestic abuse to any member of staff at Housing Leeds. There are fully trained members of staff at every <a href="/residents/Pages/Your-local-area.aspx">housing office​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></a> which means there is always somebody local who is able to help you. You will be treated with complete discretion. If you need the help of an interpreter we will arrange this for you. If we visit you, we will always show an identity card and will respect your home, privacy, customs and culture.</p> <p>​​​For more information on organisations that can assist regarding domestic violence you can visit the <a href="">Leeds Directory</a> and search under ‘Domestic Abuse'.</p> </div>



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