Multi-storey living

​Living in a multi-storey flat can be different to living in a house or a low rise flat.  Other people are living all around you and lots of people are using the same communal areas and facilities. 

The information below is important for all residents living in multi-storey blocks.​



Fitting connections for phone and internet servicesFitting connections for phone and internet services<div class="ExternalClassAD1E36BB1FEA43C8A111D9D14DAFA793"><p>If you are a tenant or contractor and need to get access to the communal areas or outside structure for installing WiFI, you need to contact your <a href="/residents/Pages/Your-local-area.aspx"><strong>local housing office</strong></a> for permission.</p></div>
Fire safety Fire safety <div class="ExternalClass35B303FD4A9D40B898716244124CC7CB"><p>​We take safety and security very seriously and will make sure that multi storey blocks are well maintained.</p> <p>To reduce the risk of fires and ensure the safety of residents and visitors we have developed a new fire safety policy.  </p> <p>It is very important that you read and familiarise yourself with the policy. Download a copy of the <a href="/docs/Fire%20safety.pdf"><strong>Fire safety policy and procedures document</strong></a> (PDF 1.64Mb). <br></p></div>
Leeds High Rise Advisory GroupLeeds High Rise Advisory Group<div class="ExternalClass48F95CA8760F46CA989EE21B8AAE24B8"><p>We work closely with the Leeds High Rise Advisory Group to ensure that we hear the views of high rise tenants and leaseholders and involve them in the design, delivery and evaluation of our services.</p> <p>Find out more about the <a href="/residents/Pages/HSG-LeedsHighRiseAdvisoryGroup.aspx"><strong>Leeds High Rise Advisory Group</strong></a>.</p></div>
PetsPets<div class="ExternalClass15E1073610FF4384BCC7CA24FEEDF9AA"><p>Residents in multi-storey flats are not allowed to keep dogs or cats in their homes.</p> <p>Before you consider buying a pet you need written permission from Leeds City Council as there are restrictions for keeping animals in a council home.</p> <p>Multi-storey residents can request permission to keep smaller animals such as rodents, birds, reptiles or fish, but the council will only give permission to keep a reasonable number of pets.</p> <p><a href="/residents/Pages/HSG-Pets-and-animals.aspx"><strong>Go to our keeping pets and animals page</strong></a> to find out more about how this applies to both tenants and leaseholders. </p></div>
Items on landingsItems on landings<div class="ExternalClass255DBD12D697455D853BCB91566B1243"><p>​Residents living in flats can only have following items outside of their flats, as long as they are near their own doorway and meet the given criteria:<br><br>• Doormats – Non-slip, rubber backed, edged and trimmed. Carpet remnants/pieces are not allowed as these could cause someone to trip and fall in the event of an evacuation;<br>• Natural plants – In ceramic/earthenware/metal pots, vases (not plastic or man-made) as long as they do not block the means of escape or any fire exit doors.</p></div>



Fire Safety Policy Key Points Safety Policy - Key Points.pdf510111pdf
Fire safety policy and procedures safety.pdf1727831pdf

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