Your home and garden

As a council tenant you are responsible for maintaining your home to an acceptable standard, reporting repairs when they are needed and carrying out minor repairs. 

You must ask for permission to make any alterations or improvements to your home, including installing a satellite dish.

If there is a garden attached to the property, you are responsible for keeping it tidy, cutting the grass and hedges, pruning any trees and keeping the borders in a tidy condition.

If you don’t look after your home and garden, you will have to pay costs for any work we carry out and we may take legal action to gain possession of your home.

We understand that some people may not be able to maintain their gardens themselves.
If you are having difficulties with the upkeep of your garden, please get in touch with your housing officer directly, and they will be able to check if you are eligible for assistance. If you don't have their details you can get in touch with our contact centre by telephone on 0800 188 4000 or email: Your enquiry will be passed through to your housing office.​



Mobility Scooters Mobility Scooters <div class="ExternalClass38A9689213F544E680B6B741CB8C242F"><p>The council recognises the benefits to tenants of having an electric mobility scooter, however, the storage and charging of scooters have the potential to present health and safety risks to tenants, leaseholders, visitors and staff.</p> <p>Our <a href="/docs/Mobility%20Scooter%20Policy.pdf"><strong>Mobility Scooter policy</strong></a> gives more details.</p> <p>The council’s Tenancy Agreement states that tenants must obtain written permission to keep an electric mobility scooter. Please complete the <a href="/docs/Scooter%20application%20form.pdf"><strong>application form</strong> </a>and return it to us to request this. </p></div>
Planning PermissionPlanning Permission<div class="ExternalClassB5C3AC3CF40F4C258468003D45DA5DE8"><p>​You may need Planning Permission and Building Regulation approval. We will advise if this is necessary but you must apply for these yourself. </p> <p>Visit the <a href="/council/Pages/Make-an-application.aspx"><strong>Make an application</strong></a> page to find out more about the process. </p> <p>Please keep us informed of the progress of the work and, once completed, you will be asked to complete a return slip as we may need to inspect.  Work must be completed or started within 3 months of permission being given.</p></div>
Satellite Dishes Satellite Dishes <div class="ExternalClassB223314A271F494FA0042D985A3B58E4"><p>​The Tenancy Agreement states council tenants who wish to make structural alterations to their property must obtain permission, including installation of satellite dishes. The council recognises that tenants want to enjoy the benefits of satellite television, but will only give permission to install a dish in certain circumstances.</p> <p>Our <span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><a href="/docs/Satellite%20Dishes%20Policy.pdf"><strong>Satellite Dish policy</strong></a><strong> </strong>gives more details. </p> <p>If you want to install a satellite dish you need to complete <a href="/docs/Satellite%20application%20form.pdf"><strong>the application form</strong></a>.</p></div>
Making improvements and alterations to your homeMaking improvements and alterations to your home<div class="ExternalClassDCE3405B68E9414D9B8A1F0E681E8DD3"><p>​Before carrying out improvements or adaptations to your home you must get written permission from us first. Your request should be put in writing on a form you can get from any Housing Office, One Stop Centre or Community Hub. You can also <a href="/docs/Permission%20to%20make%20an%20alteration%20request%20form.pdf"><strong>download a "Permission to make an alteration request" form</strong></a> (PDF 91KB).</p> <p>​You should submit full details of the improvements/alteration to your local housing office to log your request for the improvements/alteration works. Your local housing officer will provide you with appropriate advice and the procedures on granting consent.</p> <p>​You will receive a written response with our decision but sometimes a home visit may be necessary to discuss your request in more detail. We will check that the completed work would be safe and will assess the effect on the property and other people.</p> <p>​If we do not give permission, we will give our reason. For example, the improvement may affect your safety or our ability to maintain and repair your home.</p> <p>​Work should not start without permission and must be carried out by a competent person. Gas fittings must be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Electrical work must be done by registered NICEIC or ECA installers.</p> <p>​Examples of improvement work can include:</p> <p>• installing kitchens or bathrooms<br>• installing gas or electric fires<br>• installing showers<br>• installing burglar alarms<br>• any electrical additions or alterations, including new wiring<br>• installing laminate flooring<br>• building conservatories, sheds and garages<br>• installation of a ‘hard standing’<br>• erecting fencing<br>• built in wardrobes and cupboards<br>• removing or filling walls​​</p></div>
What repairs and maintenance am I responsible for?What repairs and maintenance am I responsible for?<div class="ExternalClass5FB3FE76CA3A4B95B28EA994CD347CED"><p>​As a tenant you are responsible for:<br><br>• Carrying out small repairs caused by you, someone living with you, or someone visiting you whether caused accidentally, deliberately or through neglect<br>• Keeping everything clean and tidy - this includes your home, garden, shed and garages<br>• Painting and decorating inside your home<br>• Carrying out minor repairs such as, lock changes, internal doors and unblocking of sanitary items<br>• Looking after your garden such as ensuring the grass is cut, and bushes and trees are maintained at a reasonable level<br>• Repairing any damage caused by you, someone living with you, or someone visiting you, whether caused accidentally, deliberately or through neglect.<br>• Paying for any repairs that we have to carry out on your behalf which are your responsibility<br>• Paying for any repairs that we are responsible for carrying out but have been caused by someone accidentally, deliberately or through neglect </p></div>
What repairs are the Council responsible for?What repairs are the Council responsible for?<div class="ExternalClassA95D294BDE974483BEFDF0B6021BA1AD">​The Council is responsible for carrying out essential repairs to:<br><br>• The structure and exterior of the building such as, roofs, walls, floors and window frames<br>• Kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as basins, sinks, toilets and baths<br>• Electrical wiring<br>• Gas and water pipes and water heating equipment<br>• Any communal areas around your home.<br><br>If something you have done - or not done - has caused us to have to carry out the repair we will charge you for it.</div>



Satellite dish application form application form.pdf26034pdf
Satellite dishes policy Dishes Policy.pdf49776pdf
Mobility scooter application form application form.pdf29618pdf
Mobility scooter policy Scooter Policy.pdf50881pdf
Our Letting Standard Standard Sept 14.pdf2309331pdf
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