Ending your tenancy

Moving home can be a very busy time. When moving from a council tenancy it is important that you end your tenancy correctly to avoid additional costs.

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When you want to end your tenancy you will need to tell your Neighbourhood Housing Office, in writing, at least four weeks before you want to leave the property.

The four-week notice period must end on a Monday and you will need to return your keys to the Neighbourhood Housing Office before 12 mid-day on that final Monday.

Please note that your property will be advertised through our Choice Based Lettings system when it is on notice.

Please read the guidance for completing your notice to terminate form (PDF 140KB) before completing your form.

Terminating a Tenancy for someone else.

To protect the tenants’ interests, we will only accept a notice to terminate the tenancy from a third party (someone acting on the their behalf) in exceptional circumstances.

In addition to completing a Third Party Termination Notice (192KB), you may be required to provide additional legal documents such as a death certificate or Power of Attorney.

If you pay rent by direct debit

If you have a Direct Debit set up this will automatically cancel when your tenancy ends. This will affect your rent payments if your Direct Debit is due to come out of your account after your tenancy expires. If you are worried this may affect any remaining rent payments then please contact your local housing office, or you can check this on the Housing Leeds Self Service if you are registered. You can also make any required payments via Self Service to clear your rent account.

Information on other methods of paying your rent can be found on Ways to pay your rent.

It is your responsibility to clear your rent account by the end of your tenancy. If you are worried you may not be able to do so, then please contact your local housing office or the Former Tenancy Arrears team by email at IncomeRecoveryFTA@leeds.gov.uk.

If you fail to clear your arrears then this may affect your chances of being rehoused with the Council in future.

Universal Credit claimants

The amount you owe for rent will be based on your circumstances at the end of your monthly assessment period. This means that your last Universal Credit payment at the address you are leaving may not cover all of your rent, however you are still responsible for making sure your rent is up to date when you leave.

To reduce the chances of your last payment not covering all of your rent, please try to ensure that your tenancy termination date is either the day after or as close as possible to the end of your monthly assessment period.

Find out more about Universal Credit.

White Rose Energy

Leeds City Council have created a partnership with a not-for-profit energy supplier called Robin Hood Energy. The council backed initiative is branded as ‘White Rose Energy’. Our intention is to offer energy tariffs that are fairly priced, alongside customer services that prioritise people over profits.

The partnership aims to save money for social housing tenants and for households where residents might struggle to pay their energy bills. With this in mind, whenever a council house tenancy ends – and circumstances allow for it – the council will switch electricity and gas accounts to White Rose Energy so that the new tenants can benefit straight away.

As you have recently served notice on your tenancy and will be leaving the property soon, we will be initiating a switch for the property under our rights as the landlord. Don’t worry, this will not affect you because the switch will not be finalised until after you have left the property.

However, it’s quite normal for your current energy supplier to contact you to query the switch. If this is the case, they might ask if you want to object to the transfer. If this happens, please tell them that the council (your landlord) has requested the switch and there is no reason for an objection to be raised. If they ask why we are switching the supply, please inform them that you are ending your tenancy and let them know the date you will be leaving the property. They might state that the new supplier is Robin Hood Energy; please note that they are our partner and help deliver this scheme on our behalf. If the supplier wants any more information, please ask them to call the council’s voids team on 0113 378 1387.



Handing in your notice and keysHanding in your notice and keys<div class="ExternalClassCE72B760999D4BCA8315C8CDDFE56B54"><p>​Please make sure the termination form is completed fully and signed.</p> <p>A forwarding address is required.</p> <p>We require full payment of rent due up to the end of your tenancy, and any rent arrears that are outstanding. </p> <p>Keys may be handed in in before the notice expires but you will be charged rent for the whole period. </p> <p>If you fail to hand in the keys before noon on the final day you will be charged additional rent until the keys are received. Failure to hand in a full set of keys for every lock will result in the changing of the locks and you will be recharged for the full cost of the work.</p></div>
Moving to another council property?Moving to another council property?<div class="ExternalClass9AD7F9BA7DBA4AF2A05F9531019F2912"><p>Tenants who transfer from one Council property to another will have their former tenancy agreement terminated on the date of commencement of their new tenancy. If the keys are not returned on time you will be charged rent on both properties.</p> <p>Housing benefit will not normally be payable on both properties at the same time.</p></div>
Leaving the property tidyLeaving the property tidy<div class="ExternalClass4E2F24F6E53E40859D3C0938D76C329B"><p>When you leave the property, please make sure that all belongings are removed from the property and garden area and nobody is left in residence. Your tenancy will not terminate until vacant possession has been provided.</p> <p>If you leave any furniture or effects left inside the property or in the garden, we will charge you for removing them. We also charge if you have caused any damage or made any unauthorised alterations to the property.</p></div>



Notice to terminate formhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Notice to terminate form.pdf312402pdf
Notice to Terminate Guidance for Tenantshttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Notice to Terminate Guidance for Tenants.pdf240326pdf
Third party notice to terminate formhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Third party notice to terminate form.pdf320749pdf

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