Home contents insurance

Housing Leeds can help tenants to obtain home contents insurance easily and at a price that is affordable.

Leeds City Council does not automatically insure the contents of your home. It is your responsibility to insure your belongings, and we strongly advise that you do this.

We offer a low cost insurance scheme through Royal Sun Alliance that is specifically designed for tenants.​

The scheme is available to all Leeds City Council tenants and covers your belongings in the event of fire, theft, vandalism or water damage. The policy is simple to arrange, there is no excess and no annual contract so you can cancel at any time.​

For more information, including details of insurance premiums payable and how to apply for this insurance, please download the Insurance policy application form (PDF, 247KB).​

Alternatively, you can collect an application form from your local Housing Office or Community Hub, or apply online.

Insurance Policy Online Application(External link)



Does the scheme automatically cover me for accidental cover?Does the scheme automatically cover me for accidental cover?<div class="ExternalClass8787335141D447D28E6D9CFA6A8AA234">No. If you would like the policy to include accidental damage you will need to take out the Simple+ cover. More information relating to this is included within the application form.<span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span></div>
Do I have to renew my policy every year?Do I have to renew my policy every year?<div class="ExternalClass3021E1C6F68B4CDEABB8391B2345FFDA">No, your policy will be automatically renewed on a yearly basis, unless you request it to be cancelled. You will be notified each year when it is due for renewal, and advised of any changes to the policy.</div>
How do I submit a claim against the policy?https://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Tenant%20Insurance%20Claim%20Form%20(2).pdf, Insurance policy claim formHow do I submit a claim against the policy?<div class="ExternalClassCF9FFEB277CC4DB59201743D8B8AFBBC"><p>A claim form is available to download below, or you can contact Royal & Sun Alliance direct on 0845 671 8171. As you will need to sign a declaration for the claim the simplest way to submit a claim is by completing the form.​ </p> <p><strong>To get an update on an existing claim, please contact the insurer directly.</strong></p> ​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></div>
How do I make changes to my insurance policy?https://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Adding%20a%20joint%20policyholder%20form.pdf, Adding a joint policy holder formHow do I make changes to my insurance policy?<div class="ExternalClassFA1FE562C373418E816D06FBE744E1B2"><p>It is important that you tell us if any of your details change.  If you do not tell us about any changes, a claim might be rejected.  </p> <p>If you would like to make any changes to your policy, including a decrease or increase to the amount of cover this request should be made in writing to your Housing Office. </p> <p>If you would like to add a joint policy holder place complete the Adding a joint policy holder form below. You will receive written confirmation once the changes have been made to your policy. </p></div>
How do I apply?How do I apply?<div class="ExternalClass6D58127A56E346678B27E943C795ECF7">Full information about the scheme is included on the application form. Please read this document carefully to ensure that you select the most appropriate level and type of cover to meet your requirements. Please print and complete the application form, and return it to your local housing office or one stop centre. Alternatively, copies of the application form are available at your local housing office or one stop centre.</div>
How do I cancel my policy?How do I cancel my policy?<div class="ExternalClass0437B6AF1A83493AA0A1B100E843C1DE"><p>If you have recently applied for insurance and having examined your policy you decide not to proceed with the insurance, you will have 14 days to cancel it starting on the day you receive the policy documentation. On receipt of your written notice we will refund any premiums already paid, unless we have been notified of a claim. Your written cancellation will need to be provided to your local Housing Office.</p> <p>After this period you can cancel your insurance policy by providing 2 weeks written notice to your local Housing Office.</p> <p>You will receive written confirmation once the policy has been cancelled. If this not be received within 2 weeks please contact your Housing Office.</p></div>



Insurance Policy Wordinghttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Insurance Policy Wording.pdf517418pdf
Insurance Policy Applicationhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Insurance Policy Application.pdf406926pdf
Adding a Joint Policy Holder Formhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Adding a joint policyholder form.pdf87364pdf
Tenant Insurance Claim Formhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Tenant Insurance Claim Form (2).pdf44209pdf
Insurance Essential Information Documenthttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Insurance Essential Information Document.pdf230636pdf
Insurance Product Information Documenthttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Insurance Product Information Document.pdf340336pdf

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