Antisocial behaviour

Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their home and not have to suffer from anti-social behaviour (ASB). ASB ranges from serious acts of violence or drug dealing to more common occurrences such as:

  • Noise nuisance
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Misuse of communal areas
  • Breaches of tenancy

Find out more information about ASB by visiting the Safer Leeds website

You can also read the ASB leaflet.

We are committed to tackling ASB and take all reports very seriously. We also aim to help customers settle their differences informally and in a reasonable way. We can only take action on complaints and incidents if we know about them, and we rely on information from the community. Information can be reported anonymously if required.​



What you should do if you are suffering ASBWhat you should do if you are suffering ASB<div class="ExternalClass594A59DE22564E91A9A02865A6A223D4"><p>If you are in immediate danger, telephone 999.</p> <p>Report any criminal activity to the Police on 101.</p> <p>For noise nuisance late at night, contact the Out of Hours Team on 0113 395 0143 (6pm – 3.30am).</p> <p>You can report any concerns about ASB to Housing Leeds anonymously.<br><br>It is helpful for us if you can keep a nuisance diary so that we can understand the nature of the ASB. This may be used later as evidence.</p> <p>You can collect a diary from your local Housing Office or One Stop Centre.</p></div>
What information do we needWhat information do we need<div class="ExternalClassFFAF5736153A47DAAB7E43ACA0883333"><p>There are five basic questions we need you to answer when you report anti-social behaviour:</p> <p>1. Where? Is the problem in your home, outside your home, or somewhere else? Be as specific about the location as you can.</p> <p>2. When? When does the nuisance occur? Is it at night or early hours of the morning? Provide dates and times for each incident.</p> <p>3. Who? Is the person or are the people involved known to you? Can you describe them?</p> <p>4. Why? Is there a reason you are being targeted, or is it an issue that is affecting the whole community? </p> <p>5. What? What is the nuisance behaviour?</p></div>
What we can do to help youWhat we can do to help you<div class="ExternalClassC5E451B7CC2145E4A4DD0D5AB89D88AC"><p>We will investigate complaints fully, gathering information and interviewing all parties involved.</p> <p>When there is sufficient evidence, we will take action against the people causing the problem.</p> <p>We can give everyone involved the chance to talk about the problems face to face.</p> <p>We can undertake inital tenancy enforcement where tenants are in breach of their agreements; this can be a formal tenancy warning. </p> <p>In cases where the behaviour is more persistent or serious, we will refer the case as a priority to the Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team. </p></div>



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