Halton Moor and Osmondthorpe Development Framework

Purpose of the Development Framework

The Halton Moor and Osmondthorpe neighbourhood area has a legacy of former housing sites that underwent a programme of demolition in early 2000. The focus of the Council’s activity is to bring forward new homes on brownfield sites that will assist in the regeneration of Halton Moor and Osmondthorpe.

The Development Framework identifies opportunities for housing development on both Council and third party land, improvements to open space and green connectivity, improvements to public transport including walking and cycling to help people access job opportunities in the local area.


The Development Framework has engaged with local ward members and has been subject to public consultation with feedback received helping to shape and inform the final document.


The approved Development Framework will be used to promote regeneration opportunities to developers and guide proposals as they emerge and will be a material consideration to support the determination of future planning applications.

Read the approved Development Framework (PDF 2MB).




Halton Moor and Osmondthorpe Development Frameworkhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Halton-Moor-and-Osmondthorpe-Development-Framework.pdf1998723pdf

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