Welfare reform and your council tenancy

​Benefits are changing for people of working age. The government has introduced some major changes to benefits and taxes through the Welfare Reform Act, which will affect many people in Leeds.

Housing Benefit is included in these changes.

Changes happening now and over the next few years will mainly affect people who are not working, but some people in work will also see some changes to their income.

To read more about how these changes may affect you, and to find out more about what benefits you may be entitled to, please visit our Housing benefit changes page:

If you are claiming Housing Benefit you could be affected by Under Occupancy charges and Universal Credit. The amount of benefit you receive and how it is paid will change:

To support tenants through the changes and to provide advice and guidance we are working closely with local partners including Citizens Advice Bureau and the Jobcentre.

If you would like advice and support please contact us by emailing housingenquiries@leeds.gov.uk​​​​​​​​ or calling 0800 188 4000.​



Universal Credit flyerhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/universal credit flyer.pdf170910pdf

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