Rent and service charge changes April 2017

All housing rents will fall by 1% from April, following an announcement by the government in 2015.

In Private Finance Initiative (PFI) areas, housing rents will increase by 3% from April.

Garage rents will not increase.

Service charges for low and medium rise flats will have an average increase of 12p per week. Charges for multi storey flats will increase by £2.00 a week.

Charges for District Heating will increase by 3.9%.

The support charge for sheltered housing schemes will remain at £13 per week but residents not in receipt of Housing Benefit will now pay £6 towards this charge.

If you have been affected by any of the above changes and you are in receipt of housing benefit, you do not need to let Leeds Benefits Service know, your claim will be adjusted accordingly. You will need to inform them of any other changes in circumstance.



Why has the support charge increased for sheltered housing schemes?Why has the support charge increased for sheltered housing schemes?<div class="ExternalClass427881994DB7417AA27A17049414368D"><p>In 2016/17 the Council implemented a nominal small charge of £2 per week for those tenants who live in sheltered housing schemes and who didn’t currently contribute towards the housing related support provided. This charge will be increasing to £4 per week in 2017/18.</p> <p>Tenants who have opted out of support visits will still need to pay the support charge as it is a condition of living in sheltered housing.</p> ​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></div>
Why has my direct debit not reduced with the 1% rent reduction?Why has my direct debit not reduced with the 1% rent reduction?<div class="ExternalClassB8BD477E0FE347FE9622922C833CAA93"><p>Tenants who are paying rent arrears by a direct debit arrangement will not see their rent charge reduce. This will allow them to repay their arrears at a faster rate. Leeds City Council will be writing to all tenants who are affected by this. <br></p></div>
Why have District Heating charges increased?Why have District Heating charges increased?<div class="ExternalClass3F303050DD424675A99C24439390EC8A"><p>District Heating is expected to cover its costs, but for some time it has been making a loss. Leeds City Council has covered these losses. This year we have decided to increase the charges to reduce these losses. <br></p></div>
Why have the service charges increased for my home?Why have the service charges increased for my home?<div class="ExternalClass3C615C386EB943B4BF308943400DEDA3"><p>The service charge contributes to services such as repairs, cleaning and general maintenance of communal areas. The service charge still only represents a contribution towards the actual cost of providing these services. <br></p></div>



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