About your rent statement

​You will receive a rent statement every three months telling you the rent that was due, payments you have made, and whether you are in credit or in arrears.

The statement you receive in March gives you the full payment history for April to February.  It also gives you details of your rent charges for the coming rent year (April to March).

Check your rent balance now!
You can now check your rent account online. All you need to do is log onto our self-service website. There you can check your rent balance, make payments, set up a direct debit and even report non-urgent repairs.

If you have not used this service before you will need to register. Please have your rent reference number to hand. You can find this on your rent payment card, on your rent statement, or any letters we have sent to you.



Can I get a duplicate statement? Can I get a duplicate statement? <div class="ExternalClassBCF969AC5B10430BB95BD379A83DCEC9"><p>​​We cannot provide duplicate statements.</p> <p>If you require a full record of your account, please call <strong>0800 188 4000</strong> or email <strong><a href="mailto:housingenquiries@leeds.gov.uk">housingenquiries@leeds.gov.uk</a></strong>.</p></div>
Do joint tenants get a rent statement each? Do joint tenants get a rent statement each? <div class="ExternalClassFC6A362E44244033AD2E177CC5BBBA1B"><p>​Joint tenants will receive a statement addressed to both tenants.</p> <p>We cannot provide individual statements.</p></div>



How your rent is spenthttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/How your rent is spent.pdf96803pdf

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