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You can check your rent balance online. ​The self service portal allows you to create an account online and make payments.

Council housing rents are calculated using Government guidelines, depending on the size, location and value of your home.

If there is a service charge for you to pay, covering things like cleaning, lighting and heating of communal areas, this is usually added to the rent.

When you sign your Tenancy Agreement we will give you a detailed breakdown of rent and any service charges and if we make any changes we will give you at least four weeks written notice.

Your rent is due weekly, although you can choose to pay it in advance if you wish. You will receive a rent statement every three months telling you the rent that was due, payments you have made, and whether you are in credit or in arrears.

It is very important to pay your rent on time so that you do not go into arrears and breach your tenancy agreement with us.

If you are joint tenants, you are both responsible for making sure all the rent is paid. If one tenant leaves your home you are both still fully responsible until the joint tenancy is officially terminated.​​

You can find out more about how your rent is used by us within the How your rent is spent (PDF 95KB) document. ​​​​​​



Can I get help with paying my rent?Can I get help with paying my rent?<div class="ExternalClass0A12373EF1AA4E988DCF27C0A15F32A6"><p>​You may be entitled to Housing Benefit. The amount you get will be based on the housing needs of you, your family and your income. This could pay all or part of your rent.</p> <p>As a tenant it is your responsibility to find out if you can claim housing benefit, for making an application and follow it up. You can get advice at your local Housing Office or One Stop Centre.</p> <p>To find out more please visit the <a href="/residents/Pages/Housing%20Benefit.aspx"><strong>housing benefit page</strong></a>. </p></div>
How can I make sure my rent account doesn't go into arrears?How can I make sure my rent account doesn't go into arrears?<div class="ExternalClassCD5575B4381844EDB0AA141245A21BD8"><p>​It is important to pay the right amount and on time. Don't forget that rent is due weekly.</p> <p>If you are not sure what you should be paying contact your local Housing Office or One Stop Centre.</p> <p>Alternatively please call the housing team on 0113 376 0410.</p></div>
How do I pay my rent?How do I pay my rent?<div class="ExternalClass32D639801999446A9E6996F4BD72751D">​​There are many convenient ways for you to pay your rent. Please visit the <a href="/residents/Pages/HSG-Make-a-rent-payment.aspx"><strong>ways to pay your rent page</strong></a> for more information. </div>



LCC Chargeshttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/LCC Charges.pdf22270pdf
How your rent is spenthttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/How your rent is spent.pdf96803pdf

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