Central heating repairs

Before reporting a repair, remember some minor repairs are your responsibility, or may not qualify as urgent. More details are available in the documents section.

There are some common issues with central heating systems that can be put right without an engineer attending your home. Before contacting us please read the checklist on this page.

​There are some boiler faults can cleared quickly by you without having to wait for an engineer. Please go to the website for your make of boiler and download the user manual for your model. Each manual will have a troubleshooting guide that is easy to follow. Common boiler makes include:


Do not attempt to remove the outer cover or repair the boiler yourself.

If you cannot get your central heating system to work after using the checklist you can request a repair by

  • telephone
  • visiting your local housing office or One Stop Centre

You can contact us by calling 0800 188 4000 or emailing housingenquiries@leeds.gov.uk.

If an engineer visits your property and it wasn't necessary you may be charged.​​



Check the radiatorsCheck the radiators<div class="ExternalClass6CF7558862A24E4CB21AE9FB2293F61E">If you’re experiencing problems with just one or two radiators make sure the radiator valves are turned up.​</div>
Boilers, heating controls and storage heatershttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Boiler%20and%20Heating%20information%20-%20take%20control.pdf, Guide to using a boilerhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Storage%20heater%20leaflet.pdf, Guide to using a storage heaterBoilers, heating controls and storage heaters<div class="ExternalClassFAEB8CD0840447C48B9D3DC167A13694">It is important to know how to use the heating controls and storage heaters properly.​ More information is available from the links below.​</div>
Is it switched on?Is it switched on?<div class="ExternalClassC888403E64D944A79E45A5D1BFB609D3">We receive many call outs for suspected faults only to find that the switch has been accidentally turned off, or the heating level reduced.<br><br><strong>Make sure:</strong> <br>-your boiler is turned on  <br>-the programmer is ‘calling’ for heating  <br>-the thermostat is turned up. We receive many call outs for suspected faults onto to find that the switch has been accidentally turned off, or the heating level reduced. ​</div>
Prepayment meterPrepayment meter<div class="ExternalClassF51EF987C2F648678FEF9AC3CD458DD8">If you pay for your gas and / or electric by a prepayment meter make sure you’ve got credit available on both and that no error messages are being displayed.<br><br>If you have gas powered central heating you need credit on the electric meter too for the gas boiler to operate. <br><br>If there’s a fault on either of the meters you will need to contact your supplier direct.<br><br>If you have recently run out of credit on either your gas or electric, you may need to reset your boiler by turning it off and on again.<br><br>Pre-payment gas meters that have recently had credit added to them can sometimes display a fault message, so they need to be checked if a reset is required. If there continues to be an error following the reset you will need to contact your supplier. ​</div>



Repairs handbookhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Repairs handbook.pdf922412pdf

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