Annual gas check

By law, we must inspect gas appliances in your home every year.

The gas safety check is a free appointment that could save the lives of you, your family and neighbours.

As a council tenant you have agreed to allow access each year for a gas service if your home has a gas heating system or gas fire. If you don't let us carry out the gas safety check, you will breach your Tenancy Agreement and we will take legal action.


We will contact you in advance to arrange a convenient time for your gas service appointment. If you need to re-arrange the appointment, please contact us immediately on the following contact numbers.

Swarcliffe PFI residents: call Yorkshire Housing on 0113 825 6300

Little London, Holbeck and Beeston Hill PFI residents: call SC4L on 0808 168 7335 (free from a landline) or 0113 366 0887 (local rate for mobile users)

All other residents: call Housing Leeds on 0113 378 1547.​​



Why is it important to have gas applicances serviced?Why is it important to have gas applicances serviced?<div class="ExternalClassE3351B9C76214DD0AF694CFDF5750CAC">If gas appliances are not working properly, you will be at risk of fire, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning. ​</div>
What do I need to know about Carbon Monoxide?, Carbon monoxide can kill (PDF 94kb), Carbon monoxide poisoning (PDF 134kb)What do I need to know about Carbon Monoxide?<div class="ExternalClass4E884EC6BBBB4131B0B077F20A65E82A">Carbon monoxide kills!   <br><br>You can't see it, taste it or smell it.  It can be given off by appliances which burn gas, oil, coal or wood that are faulty, or if the room is not properly ventilated or the chimney / flue is blocked. <br>  <br>Read about how to check for carbon monoxide poisoning and the symptoms. ​</div>



Carbon monoxide can kill monoxide can kill.pdf96109pdf
Carbon monoxide poisoning monoxide poisoning (co2).pdf137032pdf

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