VITAL Megaphone

​VITAL is the strategic tenant group which directs and oversees the overall Tenant Involvement Framework.

Members of each of the main involvement groups are represented on VITAL, helping to ensure that all tenants have a voice and can influence housing services, no matter who they are or where they live.

VITAL helps us to ensure that new policies are shaped with the involvement of those who are representing tenants with so many different needs.

It is the role of this group to check that the many different involvement groups and forums are working well, that tenants are accessing the right training and support, and ultimately that they are making a difference.

Find out more about VITAL here (PDF 255KB).

​​​​​​​​​​​Minutes of VITAL meetings are available in the documents section.



VITAL minutes 14 June 2017 minutes 14 June 2017.pdf199186pdf
VITAL minutes 10 May 2017 minutes 10 May 2017.pdf255270pdf
VITAL minutes 12 April 2017
Introducing VITAL VITAL.pdf261101pdf
VITAL Terms of Reference Terms of Reference.pdf25930pdf
Process for recruiting to Housing Leeds groups for recruiting to Housing Leeds groups.pdf176386pdf
VITAL minutes 12 July 2017 minutes 12 July 2017.pdf265295pdf
Process for appointing Chairs and Vice chairs of Housing Leeds groups for appointing Chairs and Vice chairs of Housing Leeds groups.pdf163750pdf
VITAL minutes 9 August 2017 minutes 9 August 2017.pdf402579pdf

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