What to do if you fall

If you do fall:

  • Take stock
  • Rest for a few minutes
  • Take a deep breath and give yourself a chance to recover from the shock

If you are able to get up:

  • Roll onto your hands and knees and crawl to a stable piece of furniture – such as a bed or
  • To avoid discomfort as you help yourself up, place something soft under your knees if you can
  • Hold onto the support with both hands, place one foot flat on the floor bending your knee in front of your body
  • Push down onto your front foot as you slowly steady yourself with your hands on the support and rise into a standing position
  • Turn round and sit down to rest on your seat

If you feel unable to get up after a fall:

  • If you have a pendant alarm, press it. Pendant alarms can be hung around your neck or on your wrist, and when pressed, connect you to an emergency response centre. They will then inform either your chosen contacts or the emergency services. To find out more about getting a pendant alarm for yourself, go to Assisted Living
  • Use the phone – your mobile if it’s near or your home phone if you can reach it. Call a family member or neighbour, or 999 if you can’t get through to anyone
  • If not, attract attention by shouting and/or banging on the floor

Additional information

Lots of helpful information and the contact numbers for organisations who can provide you with further help on falls and how to prevent them is available in our “Is it fallproof?” leaflet (PDF 1.8MB).

We have also produced a short "Make it fallproof" YouTube video.

You can also find further information regarding falls prevention and physical activity in the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy's Get up and go leaflet (PDF 2.7MB).

If you have fallen more than once then you should contact your GP practice for further advice. Your GP can also make a referral to the Community Falls Service for you.




Get up and go - a guide to staying steadyhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Get up and go - a guide to staying steady.pdf2781257pdf
Is it Fallproof? leaflethttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Is it fallproof.pdf1894304pdf

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