Are you Fallproof?

Did you know that 1 in 3 over 65-year-olds fall per year, despite being in good health? And for over 80-year-olds, that figure rises to 1 in 2.

But falling isn’t a normal part of ageing – there are simple steps you can take to keep you on your feet. In Leeds we are committed to supporting people to age well and making Leeds the Best City to Grow Old in.

Balance and reflexes and our reactions gets slower as we age. We also lose about 30% of our muscle strength. These factors make it harder to regain balance and falls become more likely.

Regular physical activity strengthens muscles and improves balance, whatever your age, from walking to cycling or chair-based exercises. Any activity that challenges your balance like gardening or housework – it all counts. Why not get involved in local activities; you can join a local fitness programme near you.

Further information on falls prevention exercise classes can be found at Active Ageing including “Make it Fallproof” programmes. You can also access activities through your local Neighbourhood Network and these can be found through the Leeds Directory.

NHS Health Checks

If you’re between 40 and 74 years old, you’ll be invited for a NHS Health Check every five years. They will also review your medication to ensure the medicines you take are right for you and don’t increase your risk of falling.

Additional information

Lots of helpful information and the contact numbers for organisations who can provide you with further help on falls and how to prevent them is available in our “Is it fallproof?” leaflet (PDF 1.8MB)

We have also produced a short "Make it Fallproof" YouTube video.

You can also find further information regarding falls prevention and physical activity in the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy's Get up and go leaflet (PDF 2.7MB).

Remember: If you feel unsteady, or are worried about falling, speak to your GP at your next appointment.




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