Fallproof your home and journey

Many things can help you to prevent falls at home such as keeping your home well lit; clearing clutter; using a non-slip mat in the bath and being aware of trailing clothes like dressing gown cords or replacing worn-out slippers.

You can request a home assessment and minor adaptations to your home such as grab rails by contacting Care and Repair or by contacting the William Merritt Disabled Living Centre.

You can Fallproof your journey by remembering to take your time and scan your path for trip hazards: cracked pavements, obstacles and uneven surfaces. If catching the bus, have your bus pass or money at the ready when it pulls up. When you get on, ask the bus driver to wait until you’re seated before setting off again and when you’re approaching your stop, press the bell and wait until the bus is stationary before standing up from your seat.

Travel information

Travel Assistance Cards have been designed to help disabled and older people when using public transport, and can be particularly helpful for people with hidden disabilities such as visual impairments or learning disabilities, and for people who are afraid of falling. Further information and access to the cards can be found on the Metro website.

Leeds Directory gives customers the choice of over 1700 organisations and businesses for further support to live independently in your home and in the community.

Additional information

Lots of helpful information and the contact numbers for organisations who can provide you with further help on falls and how to prevent them is available in our “Is it fallproof?” leaflet (PDF 1.8MB).

We have also produced a short "Make it fallproof" YouTube video.

You can also find further information regarding falls prevention and physical activity in the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy's Get up and go leaflet (PDF 2.7MB).

If you have fallen more than once then you should contact your GP practice for further advice. Your GP can also make a referral to the Community Falls Service for you.




Get up and go - a guide to staying steadyhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Get up and go - a guide to staying steady.pdf2781257pdf
Is it Fallproof? leaflethttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Is it fallproof.pdf1894304pdf

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