Mental Health Day Opportunities

Supporting health, wellbeing and happiness

Providing support through strengths based working

Mental Health Day Opportunities

Supporting Health, Wellbeing and Happiness

Providing support through strengths based working

Mental Health Day Opportunities offer a service to adults who would like to improve their mental wellbeing, increase their independence and connect with their community. We help people to identify their strengths and build on these to improve their lives. We offer support to people to link into their local community and meet people with similar interests. We also have specialist staff who can offer opportunities to volunteer or get back into work. We are committed to helping people build their self-confidence, raise their aspirations and celebrate their success.

Community is at the heart of our service. We work to challenge stigma and stereotyping, and to break down the barriers faced by people with mental health issues.

What sort of things can you help me do?

We will help you identify your strengths and achieve your goals.

Here are some example of how we have helped people

  • 'I have joined a social group and made some new friends, we have a real laugh together. I feel part of my local community, it’s nice to feel a sense of belonging’
  • ‘I am enjoying conversations with like-minded people who don’t judge me. I don’t feel so isolated anymore’
  • ‘I have started going to the cinema regularly’
  • ‘I go out for meals with my new friends’
  • ‘I have joined a group where I do art and another group for crafts’
  • ‘I am learning to cook healthy food on a budget’
  • I am improving my English and Maths skills’
  • ‘I can do creative writing or poetry, it is really helping me relax’
  • ‘I have joined a wonderful choir, singing helps me forget all my problems’
  • ‘I have enrolled at a college and am now a student, I am really proud of myself’
  • ‘I am improving my computer skills and working towards some qualifications’
  • ‘I have joined a gardening group, I feel fitter and it really helps by mental health’
  • ‘I have started going to a gym and getting fitter. It is also helping me sleep much better’
  • ‘I can play pool or go bowling every week, I feel far less anxious around other people’
  • ‘I am now part of a 5 a side football team, I love feeling part of a team’
  • ‘I go walking with a group in the city or in the countryside’
  • ‘I now meet with other people and we go to the theatre together’
  • ‘I have started volunteering and discovered new skills I didn’t know I had!’
  • I am working towards going back to work, I finally feel my life is back on track’

Watch our video which was made with and by the people who use the Day Opportunities service.

Who can use the service?

The service is available to adults (over 18), in the Leeds City Council area, who are having difficulties with their mental health.

How can I access the service?

Just ask your GP or support worker to refer you. You can download the Leeds City Council referral form (Word 41KB) or google ‘Leeds City Council Hub referral form’

For more information you can download the Mental Health Day Opportunities leaflet (PDF 807.5KB)

What is your website address?

Can I ring you to have a chat?

Yes, please give us a ring on 0113 3782822, we will be very happy to answer your questions.

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