Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides tasty, nutritious meals delivered directly to your door whilst at the same time ensuring a regular visitor checks that you or someone you care about is safe and well.

You can have meals as often as you want – one day a week or every day and these can be delivered 365 days a year.

Menu choices

Our standard menu (PDF 165KB) offers a choice of three main courses each day, plus a selection of two hot desserts.

We have a wide variety of menus and choices to suit most dietary needs and preferences. These include:

Claire from Leeds City Council on Meals on Wheels

Claire from Leeds City Council on Meals on Wheels

Special dietary needs

We also cater for special dietary needs, with a range of texture-modified meals for people who have identified swallowing difficulties, with both soft (PDF 282KB) and pureed (PDF 251KB) menu options available.

The majority of our menu options can be found within the related documents section on this page, however others are available on request, including:

  • diabetic
  • moderate salt
  • gluten free
  • low fat
  • dairy free

Options for people with ethical or health-related dietary requirements are also available. Please contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Who is the service available to?

Anyone in Leeds who needs it can receive the service.

We can provide meals for as long as you need them. It may be you just need a few meals after a stay in hospital, or while family and friends are away, or you may require meals on a regular basis.

How to apply

To apply for the meals on wheels service please complete a self-referral form and email it to

Download a self-referral form (WORD 225KB)

You can also print the self-referral form off and post to it to:

Meals on Wheels
Knowsthorpe Gate
Cross Green Industrial Estate
Leeds, LS9 0NP

Once we have received the completed form we will contact you within 48 hours (excluding bank holidays) to confirm details and agree the start date.

Frozen meals service

We also offer a more flexible service for people who are able to cook meals as required. Simply choose your selection and complete the order form within the frozen meals menu (PDF 184KB) and your meals will be delivered fortnightly to your home. Frozen meals can be prepared using a microwave or oven.

Further information

If you need information and advice on social care assessments, please visit the Assessing your social care needs page.

Age UK Healthy Eating provide simple advice, tailored to older people, on making sure you have plenty of variety in your diet, so you get all the nutrients you need and maintain a healthy weight.

Contact us



0113 378 3750
(Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 4pm)



How are the meals paid for?How are the meals paid for?<div class="ExternalClassB12DF73BDE3A4BFE80C55E3881BE2194">The payment method is by monthly invoice.</div>
How soon can the service begin?How soon can the service begin?<div class="ExternalClass55BB9D5995A8436AA7D319832ECF19FD">Typically the next working day but might be slightly longer depending on special delivery requirements.​</div>
How much does it cost?How much does it cost?<div class="ExternalClass80E6657410884B28BD858E26DE5A03D8"><p>£6.00 for the hot main meal and dessert and £2.80 for the tea.</p> <p>The frozen meals do vary depending on the selection by the service user. Prices range from £2.50 to £3.65 for a main course, and 85p to £1.00 for a dessert.</p> ​<br></div>
Where do you deliver?Where do you deliver?<div class="ExternalClass28604AD18B2344688730805A3C31EB97">We deliver anywhere within the Leeds City Council boundary.</div>
When do you deliver?When do you deliver?<div class="ExternalClassBD8F005FC083427EBD54E7A5CB799581">365 days a year, hot meals are delivered between 11.30am and 1.45pm. Frozen deliveries are made between 9.00am and 2.00pm.</div>



Meals on Wheels Frozen menu Meals Leeds frozen menu.pdf187845pdf
Meals on Wheels Standard Menu Meals Leeds main meals.pdf507779pdf
Frozen Service Referral Form Service Referral Form.doc425984doc
Meals on wheels Asian Vegetarian Menu on wheels Asian Vegetarian Menu.pdf272913pdf
Meals on wheels Caribbean Menu on wheels Caribbean Menu.pdf278974pdf
Meals on wheels Halal Menu on wheels Halal Menu.pdf271964pdf
Meals on wheels Kosher Menu on wheels Kosher Menu.pdf280325pdf
Meals on wheels Pureed Menu on wheels Pureed Menu.pdf257067pdf
Meals on Wheels Soft Menu on Wheels Soft Menu.pdf288368pdf
Meals on wheels Vegetarian Menu on wheels Vegetarian Menu.pdf281274pdf
Self referral form referral form.doc247808doc
Social or Healthcare worker referral form or Healthcare worker referral form.doc242176doc
Spotting signs of dehydration the signs of dehydration.pdf208361pdf
Spotting signs of malnutrition the signs of malnutrition.pdf191856pdf

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