Daytime activities and support

There are many types of day support in Leeds. If you are an older person, contact your nearest Neighbourhood Network Scheme. Details can be found in this page.

If you would like to find activities, clubs or social groups in your local area, either for yourself or on behalf of someone you care for, the Leeds Directory is a great way to find what’s available. Metro's AccessBus can help you make local journeys for shopping and social purposes.

Older people

Neighbourhood Network Schemes
These community based, locally led organisations help older people live independently and actively participate within their own communities. They provide services that reduce social isolation, provide opportunities for volunteering, act as a "gateway" to advice/ information services, and promote health and wellbeing improving the quality of life for individuals. They are funded by Leeds City Council and other organisations, but are managed and run by the members themselves.

Where are Neighbourhood Network Schemes in Leeds?
The Neighbourhood Network Schemes are shown on a map so you can easily see which schemes are near you. If you click on the yellow map pins the map will display information about the scheme. In addition, the Neighbourhood Network Schemes document (PDF 80KB) provides a comprehensive list of all schemes in Leeds along with contact details.

Physical activity information for adults over 60
People are living longer. While looking forward to more quantity of life, it is important to look after yourself so you have quality of life as well. Find out more about staying active (PDF 1.2MB).

Age UK Leeds
Age UK Leeds offer a range of social care, health and wellbeing services, and digital inclusion projects for older people across Leeds.

Leeds Older People’s Forum
Leeds Older People’s Forum promotes the well-being of all older people in Leeds and gives a more powerful voice to older people in the city. It has a membership of over 100 voluntary sector organisations, including the Neighbourhood Network Schemes.

Volunteering in Leeds

Volunteer Centre Leeds helps individuals to find suitable volunteering opportunities and provides advice and support to organisations to set up and manage a volunteering programme and to find suitable volunteers.

Specialist daytime support

Specialist daytime support is also available for people who have particular needs – such as those with dementia or people needing particularly intensive help to recover from an illness or injury.

Call Adult Social Care on 0113 222 4401 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) for further information about daytime support or speak to your care manager if you have one. If you are unable to use the telephone you can email us.

Support for adults with a physical impairment

Support for adults who are deaf or have a hearing and/or sight impairment

Support for adults with autism

Support for adults with dementia

Support for adults with learning disabilities

Support for adults with mental health needs

Have more control over who helps you at home

If you arrange your own support – either because you have a personal budget or because you’re paying for it yourself – you can choose your own support worker or find someone through a care agency. These workers are often known as personal assistants.

In Leeds, advice about employing a personal assistant is available from the Actively Seeking Independence Support Team (ASIST). Contact ASIST on 0113 231 1125.

When arranging services yourself, always check exactly how much you will need to pay and ensure this is agreed in your support plan. If in doubt, check with your care manager or social worker to be on the safe side. Further information is available on our Paying for social care and support page.

If you look after someone at home

If you’re a carer (you provide regular and substantial care to a relative or friend, and are not paid for it) this can have a significant impact on your life. You are entitled to a carer’s assessment even if the person you look after doesn’t have help or funding from Adult Social Care. For more information, contact Carer’s Leeds on 0113 380 4300.

Further information for those caring for others can be found on the Caring for family and friends page.




Physical activity for adults over 60
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