Personal budgets and payments

What is a Personal Budget?

If you are 18 or over and eligible for social care and support you can be given a personal budget. Following an assessment, a personal budget is the amount of money the council decides you require to meet your eligible care and support needs. With this you can plan the support that will best help you live a life that's as full and safe as possible. Your social worker or social care worker will talk with you about the options for arranging support using your personal budget, including receiving this as a direct payment or agreeing for the council to arrange the support for you.

What is a Direct Payment?

You can choose to have a direct payment instead of letting the council arrange your support. Direct payments give you control over your care and support. You can decide how your needs are met and buy the support that suits you best.

It's important to spend your direct payments carefully, making sure that you meet all the needs agreed in your Support Plan. Your care worker can help you make your decisions and answer your questions.

For more information about Direct Payments please see the document ‘Key information about Direct Payments’.

How do I manage a Direct Payment?

There are some rules about how you can spend your direct payment but as long as your spending meets your care and support needs as agreed in your care plan, it is usually fine. You’ll need to sign the Direct Payment Agreement that explains the conditions of the payments.

The care manager will aim see you within the first 6 to 8 weeks after your Direct Payment has been set up and the Direct Payment Audit team will contact you 3 months after your first payment.

What is a managed bank account?

A managed bank account is available to people who need support to manage the financial aspects of their direct payment. Having a managed bank account will give you the same level of choice and control. Although you are not managing the money directly, you are still in control of the decisions made about your support.

Help to employ a support worker or Personal Assistant

Once you are in receipt of a direct payment or personal budget, Leeds Centre for Integrated Living can provide support to recruit, manage and pay one or more support workers, called Personal Assistants.

Find out more about how to become an employer and manage a Personal Assistant.

Further information

For more information about the costs of paying for support and how your contribution is calculated please see the page Paying for social care and support.

If you have difficulty in understanding personal budgets and other options for paying for your care and support needs, you can ask for an independent advocate who can help you to arrange care which best fits around your life. Please visit the Advocacy for care and support page for further information.

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