Young Carers Strategy Consultation

We are seeking feedback on our draft Young Carers Strategy following an initial consultation in September 2018.

The first consultation event helped to inform development of the new Leeds Young Carers Strategy and future commissioning of young carers’ support services.

Consultation Findings

The event was well attended, with over 25 young carers and a number of representatives from various services both internal and external to the Council. The content of the consultation event consisted of three informal questions and two structured exercises.

The full findings of the consultation are available in the Young Carers Consultation findings document:

Draft Young Carers Strategy Consultation

A draft strategy has been produced following consultation with young carers and other key stakeholders, including Barnardo’s, Carers Leeds, Leeds City Council and schools across Leeds.

Strategy aim

The aim of the strategy is to set out a way forward for the next three years for how we identify, support and enable young carers of all ages to balance their caring responsibilities with a life outside caring.

We want young carers to have time to enjoy being a child outside of their caring role and to be able to achieve, attain and attend at school. The strategy focusses on how we can use the resources we have and work together to effectively identify and support young carers.

Feedback on the draft strategy

We welcome your comments and feedback on the draft strategy. In particular, we would like to ask you:

  1. Do you agree with the priorities we have identified?
  2. What do you feel are the most important tasks for us to do?
  3. What can we do differently to effectively support young carers?
  4. If you are responding as an organisation, how can we best work together to ensure young carers are identified, their needs are assessed and they are supported in their role?

Feedback deadline

The deadline for responses is 9 January 2019. We encourage all young carers and their families to respond in whichever way suits them best. We are really keen to hear from all stakeholders. Your responses will help to shape the strategy and action plan that comes from it.

How to provide feedback

(Please include 'Young Carers Consultation' in the subject field)


Young Carers Strategy Consultation
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