Support for working carers

Eighty per cent of carers in the UK are of working age. Holding down a job while you care can be a challenge and many carers feel they have to give up work.

Balancing work and care

It can be difficult to hold down a job as well as fulfil a caring role which can create potential problems at work and often limit opportunities for promotion.

Carers have statutory rights within the workplace to help manage work and your caring role.

Flexible working

There are many benefits of flexible working, such as gaining a better work-life balance while still being able to earn a living. All employees with 26 weeks of service have a right to request flexible working.

Time off for dependants

Carers have the right to time off work to deal with an emergency involving a dependant. It's at the discretion of your employer as to whether the time off is paid or unpaid. Your employer may have additional policies to support carers. It is important to ask your employer about these policies so that you have a clear understanding of your rights as both a carer and employee.

Returning to work

Many carers give up work to care. This can affect finances, confidence and the opportunity to socialise. If you want to start or return to work there are lots of things to consider and many schemes that can help you as a carer.

For more information about care and work or study please visit the the Carers Direct website.You can also find further support and advice on the Carers Trust and Carers UK websites.

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