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Care homes capacity tracker

The Care Home Capacity Tracker External linkis a web based portal designed to support minimising delayed transfers of care by enabling Care Homes to instantly share their live bed state and enable hospital discharge teams and other stakeholders to rapidly find available nursing and residential beds which significantly improves the speed and efficiency of finding capacity at the time it’s needed. Follow the link to register your home on the tracker.

Telemedicine and NHS Clinical Services

The Digital Care Hub at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust delivers the Immedicare telemedicine service which provides a secure video link to care homes across the country. The Hub is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by a multidisciplinary team. Care home residents are assessed by the clinical team who are able to advise and suggest treatment for a variety of complex health needs. The aim is to provide early intervention which can often prevent the need for escalation. When escalation is required, the hub clinical assessor ensures the resident is referred to the appropriate local service for action.

The telemedicine service is particularly useful in care homes, as their staff are not always registered practitioners and the clinical team are able to provide extra support which benefits the residents. Care home residents are assessed and if necessary, treatment is arranged without the need for a hospital admission or emergency department attendance.

The Digital Care Hub at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

For more information about Immedicare, contact us on:
T: 0330 088 3364
E: enquiries@immedicare.co.uk

NHS digital

Many aspects of delivering social care relies on timely and secure information sharing and ensuring that information is stored securely.

Organisations must be able to evidence that they are practicing good data security and that personal information is handled correctly. All organisations need to be able to provide assurance to their customers, delivery partners and regulators undertaking inspections as well as to those looking at contract compliance.

On a practical level many organisations are removing fax machines, therefore it is important that information on patients is transferred securely.  This can be achieved by care homes via applying for NHS Mail accounts once they have completed the Data Security and Protection Toolkit which of course then also provides assurance to the above.

A range of support is now available to providers to assure both themselves and others that they are meeting Information governance requirements and enabling them to obtain NHS mail accounts.

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) External linkis an online self-assessment tool for data security which supports organisations in demonstrating:

1.   General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)External link

2.   Compliance with the expected data security standards for health and social care for holding, processing or sharing personal data 

3.   Readiness to access secure health and care digital methods of information sharing, such as NHSmail and summary care records (a summary of GP information about an individual) and local information sharing solutions. In Leeds this would be the Leeds Care Record 

4.   Good data security to the CQC is assessed as part of the Key lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) caring (keeping peoples information confidential) and responsive 2 and a range of safe in ensuring information to keep people safe is shared appropriately

The Department for Health and Social Care recommends that all social care providers complete the DSPT as they will hold, process or share personal data. Completing the DSPT is a contractual requirement for those who provide care through the NHS standard contract and the toolkit helps all providers to demonstrate compliance for the GDPR, the CQC and supports information sharing.

The Care Provider AllianceExternal link developed support for the 'entry level' for social care organisations, as it is understood that for many this will be a new process. 'entry level' is a stepping stone to achieving at the 'Standards Met' level, will be time limited (subject to review) but will allow you to begin using NHSmail.

DSPT Team email England.DSPTNorth@nhs.net

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