Sheltered and extra care housing

If you find you need some support but are not ready to move into a care home and want to maintain your independence, a housing with care scheme might be a good option for you.

Extra care housing

Independent living with support

Extra care housing offers older people independent living in a home of their own with services on hand if they need them. It is usually well-designed, accessible housing, which enables people to self-care for longer and helps them retain their independence.

Housing management and support, care and support, and domestic services are readily available as a minimum level of service. The developments can usually be found situated close to shops, leisure and health services and, very importantly, public transport.

Features of extra care housing include:

  • care and support can be available around the clock
  • the person is a tenant/lease owner with his/her own front door to a self-contained living space
  • the focus is on maintaining independence and quality of life
  • opportunities for social interaction

Extra care housing is about quality of life – not just quality of care. It often benefits older people whose wellbeing and independence is impaired by their current accommodation, people who need emotional, practical or social support to maintain their wellbeing and people with care needs, including overnight and unplanned, who might otherwise have to move to a residential setting.

Unlike most residential care, it allows couples who have high and/or differing care needs to stay together and offers the choice for owner-occupiers to remain so.

The amount of help yo​u receive in an extra care scheme depends on your needs, which are determined when you have an assessment with us.

Charges in extra care housing

Residents in extra care housing pay for the range of services provided through a number of charges. The main charges are rent, service charges and social care and support charges, which are subject to a means-test. Residents who are not eligible for financial help through Housing Benefit or from us may be entitled to Attendance Allowance which could be used to pay for these services.

How to apply for a place in extra care housing

Leeds City Council and some of the Housing Associations provide extra care housing.

To apply please contact Adult Social Care on 0113 222 4401 (Weekdays, 9am to 5pm, except Wednesdays when we're open from 10am). If you are unable to use the telephone you can email us.

Alternatively you can apply direct to the Housing Association. A list of extra care housing schemes in Leeds along with a list of Housing Associations can be found in the Leeds Care Homes and Housing Options Directory.

Wharfedale View

Wharefdale View is a new development of extra care accommodation in Yeadon. Find out about the facilities available and how to enquire about current availability.

Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing means having your own flat or bungalow in a block, or on a small estate, where all the other residents are older people (usually over 55). With a few exceptions, all developments (or ‘schemes’) provide independent, self-contained homes with their own front doors.

Sheltered (or retirement) housing is suitable for people who like living independently but need the reassurance of knowing help is at hand if there is an emergency. There are many different types of sheltered schemes, available both to rent and to buy. Schemes usually consist of between 15 and 40 dwellings. These may be bed-sitting rooms, self-contained flats or bungalows.

Some schemes are simply housing designed to meet the needs of older and linked to a community alarm. The majority of schemes have a scheme manager/warden and community alarm service. There are often communal facilities such as a lounge, laundry, guest flat and garden. Meals are not normally provided – but a few schemes include a restaurant and some can arrange hot meals.

There will be a warden on duty, however the duties of the scheme manager or warden can vary considerably between schemes.

Some sheltered housing schemes have a resident warden and a 24-hour on-call service; others have visiting or part-time staff. Most wardens are expected to manage the scheme, and help residents find additional support from local organisations should they need it. They will also arrange help in an emergency.

The warden is not expected to provide personal care for residents, or to carry out tasks like shopping or cleaning.

How to apply for sheltered housing

In Leeds, sheltered housing is provided by Leeds City Council, housing associations, charities and independent organisations.

There is a centralised application system that works for all of the council housing and also for some of the Housing Associations (Leeds Federated , Unity, Yorkshire Metropolitan and Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation). To apply through this system, you need to complete a Leeds Homes housing register form, and then you can make a ‘bid’ for a house.

You can ask for a medical housing assessment to see if you can get extra priority for re-housing and a recommendation on the type of accommodation you require.

Use the Leeds Homes website to find out what's available.






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