Support for adults with autism

What is Autism?

Autism is quite a common condition, about one in every hundred people are on the autistic spectrum – that’s around 7,000 people in Leeds. The autistic spectrum is very wide and it includes people with Asperger's syndrome, autism and other conditions.  Here we use the word autism to include all these people.

People with autism can have a wide variety of needs but some may only need support in one part of their life. We are very aware that the needs of adults on the autistic spectrum have not always been fully recognised or met in Leeds.

Services and support for people with Autism

Autism Leeds is a website for people with autism, or Asperger's and their carers and professionals in Leeds. On the website there is a directory of services including:

  • Advice, Advocacy and Benefits
  • Employment, education and volunteering
  • Health/mental health
  • Housing
  • Personal support
  • Social and leisure

On the Autism Leeds site you can read the Leeds Autism Strategy and find details about the Autism partnership board which aim to make things better for people with autism. People with autism and their carers are a key part of the partnership board – there are groups to help them have a say in how services are developed. If you want to be involved contact us on 0113 378 3839.​​​​

If you have a safeguarding concern about someone

If you are worried that someone may be experiencing neglect or abuse, find out how to report this to us on our Safeguarding adults page.​​​



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