Cleaner air for Leeds

Having clean air to breathe is vital for quality of life and the health of everyone in our city.

As more cars are on the road, and more people are moving around and not relying on public transport, air pollution is becoming worse in cities across the UK and this can have a harmful effect on health. See the DEFRA website for more information about the effects of air pollution.

Each year in the UK, around 40,000 deaths are attributable to outdoor air pollution. In Leeds this equates to 350 deaths per year.

We as a council are doing our bit to tackle this issue by monitoring air quality across the city and implementing projects to reduce our emissions - but you can help too!

Simple things you can do to help reduce air pollution in our city

  • Don’t idle – turn your engine off if you are parked – especially around schools or pedestrians

  • Use public transport as often as you can

  • To improve your health, get active. Cycle, walk or run instead of taking the car for short journeys. Further information can be found on the Cycle Leeds, Cycle 2 Work scheme and Walk it websites.

  • Avoid personal exposure to air pollution by taking a route along less congested roads, or through green areas

  • Consider purchasing an electric vehicle. Government grants are available. You can find EV charging points near you on

  • Suggest our air quality pledge to your employer

Did you know?

  • You can be exposed to more pollution inside a car in congestion than outside of a car cycling or walking past

  • The benefits of replacing short car trips with walking, cycling or running greatly outweigh the risk from exposure to outdoor air pollution

  • Turning your car engine off whilst waiting in your car will help reduce air pollution, this will also save you money in fuel costs

  • Reducing the worst pollutants would extend people’s lifespan by five times more than eliminating road casualties and three times more than eliminating passive smoking

  • Indoor air pollution can also be an issue. Recent studies have shown that air pollution may be making office workers less productive



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