Fly-tipping and waste issues

To report fly-tipping please use our Report fly-tipping form. If you are wanting to dispose of unwanted items please visit the Get rid of unwanted items page for more information.

What we will do

We will remove fly-tipping or dumped rubbish from alleyways, roads, pavements or council land. We will investigate incidents to catch and prosecute offenders. If convicted of fly tipping offenders could be fined up to £50,000 and face up to one year in prison.

We will also investigate reports of dumped items on private land and work with the landowner to ensure their removal.

What we don't do

We do not remove surplus bin bags that won’t fit in your wheelie bin. These need to be placed in your bin for the next collection or taken to your nearest recycling site.

In cases of fly-tipping on the waterways or the railways, please contact the Canal and River Trust or Network Rail.​​

Waste in gardens

We will investigate reports of waste in domestic gardens. Please speak to your neighbour first to resolve the issue if you can. If this is unsuccessful, you can use the Waste in gardens and bin yards​ form.

Waste on commercial premises

If you generate commercial or industrial waste, you will need to contact a commercial waste collection company and arrange a waste disposal contract. You can find out more about this on our business waste page.

To report issues of waste on commercial or business premises, use the Report waste issues on commercial premises form.​​​​​​




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