Manston Lane Area

Alongside the East Leeds Extension on Manston Lane (also known as the Barnbow area), several large brownfield sites are coming forward for housing development.

At the former Vickers factory site, Bellway Homes are delivering a first phase of development of 121 units. The remainder of the site currently is owned by Zurich Financial Services.

There is also planning approval for Avant Homes to develop new homes on the adjoining former Optare factory site, the first phase of which has been completed. There is potential for development of around 620 further homes on the remainder of the two sites (879 in total), subject to the completion of the Manston Lane Link Road (MLLR) and further planning applications.

These applications and related documents can be viewed online at: using the references; 11/02315/RM and 08/00298/OT.

Manston Lane Link Road (MLLR)

The MLLR will be delivered by Thorpe Park Developments Ltd, working closely with the council. Groundworks have started for the MLLR which will connect the ELE through Thorpe Park to the M1 over the Leeds/York railway line. MLLR is likely to be completed by late 2018 and this will enable a range of new retail and leisure facilities at Thorpe Park to open.

Barnbow – Former First World War Munitions Factory

Barnbow is a site of national importance and has been scheduled as an Ancient Monument by Historic England. The site was known as National Filling Factory No 1 when it was constructed and comprises the remains of an extensive First World War munitions factory. The site currently includes earthworks and remains of some standing buildings (although the route of ELOR and housing development in the ELE will only disturb minimal earthworks on the far western extent of the site).

The site originally covered approximately 300 acres of land and contained stores, magazines, factories, laboratories, a power plant, canteens, administrative offices, chemical production facilities, garages, workshops, a slaughter house and butchers, a narrow gauge railway line and its own railway platform. Historic England and the council will work together to consider ways to incorporate the remaining features associated with the munitions factory into development plans for ELE and ELOR.




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