Working for children's services

We want Leeds to be a child friendly city with children and young people at the heart of all decisions and issues that affect them. We've invested in a variety of work to help make this happen by providing the right training, support and information so the workforce are able to do the best job they can.

Our One minute guides provide a useful library of information about the work we do and how we do it.


Please see the related pages section for more information on the training and development we provide.

What we do

In early 2015 Ofsted inspected services for the most vulnerable children and families in Leeds. They rated these services as ‘good’ overall and ‘outstanding’ for leadership, management and governance. Read the full Ofsted report.​

This was particularly important for Leeds because we’ve made a particular effort to raise the profile and standard of children’s social work services in Leeds. Leeds has been asked to share information about how it has done this, to help others.

Our improvement has been built around a clear vision for Leeds to be a child friendly city and three behaviours guide everything we do:

  • we listen to the voices of children and young people
  • we work with families
  • we positively challenge ourselves and each other on whether we are making a difference

You can find resources and presentations that say more about how we have put these behaviours into action to make a difference to children and young people in the documents section. We will continue working hard to achieve our ambition for everyone growing up in Leeds and we welcome feedback and opportunities to work with other people and organisations.​



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