School Admissions Policy Consultation

Leeds City Council is consulting on the following proposals, and would like to hear your views and comments about these by the deadline of 7 December 2018 so that we can decide whether to include these changes for the admissions policy for 2020/21:

For primary schools only

1) To define catchment areas for the 108 community and voluntary controlled Primary Schools in the city.

For all schools

2) Removal of the requirement for the sibling to be older than the applicant to qualify for sibling priority in the normal round (for clarification, there is no proposal to remove sibling priority. The proposal is to extend the priority so it applies to both older and younger siblings)

3) That applications received after the statutory deadline for school applications will be considered as ‘late applications’ if received 4 weeks after the national deadline (rather than 6 weeks as in the existing policy) in line with neighbouring authorities

4) Changes to the application process for school transfers (in year applications) so that all applications are submitted by parents to the Local Authority rather than to each individual school

The policy also lists the admission numbers for all Community and Voluntary Controlled schools in the city. The only reduction in Published Admission Number is for Greenside Primary School, where the expected expansion programme is no longer going ahead.


An interactive map on which you can see the changes for the proposed catchment areas is also available, along with a map user guide (PDF, 423KB).

View the proposed catchment area map online View the proposed catchment area map online

How to submit comments and suggestions

All comments and suggestions are invited and you can provide these by completing the online consultation survey:

Complete the online survey External link

General information on admission arrangements consultations

If an admissions authority proposes to change their admission arrangements they must consult on the changes. If there are no proposed changes there is no requirement to consult.

Admissions authorities must consult on their admissions arrangements at least once every 7 years, even if there have been no changes during that period.

Consultation must be for a minimum of 6 weeks and must take place between 1 October and 31 January. Any consultation on admission arrangements will apply for the following school year.

Leeds City Council are the admitting authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools. The Leeds City Council 2017 admission policy was amended following a consultation period in 2015, and the following changes were made:

  • The admissions policy for primary and junior admissions (PDF, 82.5KB) is different to year 7 admissions. The nearest and non-nearest priorities in the Year 7 admissions policy (PDF, 60KB)​ have been replaced by catchment areas
  • The wording covering priority 1b has been refined in both policies and outlines the priority as: “1b admissions priority is specifically for pupils who have a significant physical disability or complex sensory impairment - e.g. pupils with a visual, hearing, or physical difficulty or those with pragmatics difficulties/autism, who do not have an EHCP and where higher level FFI funding is in place”

It was proposed that no changes were made to the policy for 2018/19 admissions. The policy for 2018/19 admissions to Primary and Secondary schools where Leeds City Council is the admitting authority have been determined and can be found in the related documents section.

Consultation on School Admission arrangements for 2019/2020

The consultation on School Admission arrangements for 2019/2020 has now finished.

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Leeds 2019 primary and junior coord scheme 2019 primary and junior coord scheme.pdf42930pdf
Leeds 2019 secondary coord scheme 2019 secondary coord scheme.pdf218626pdf
Leeds proposed Admissions Policy 2019 Reception proposed Admissions Policy 2019 Reception.pdf45897pdf
Leeds proposed Admissions Policy 2019 Year 7 proposed Admissions Policy 2019 Year 7.pdf224739pdf
Co-ordinated admission scheme for secondary schools in Leeds 2017 admission scheme for secondary schools in Leeds 2017.pdf78263pdf
2020 Leeds Primary Draft Admission Policy Leeds Primary Draft Admission Policy.pdf701465pdf
2020 Leeds Secondary draft Admissions Policy Leeds Secondary draft Admissions Policy.pdf1205187pdf
Admissions Policy Consultation Document Policy Consultation Document.pdf832937pdf
Policy Annexe 1 Priority 1a Supplementary Information Form Annexe 1 Priority 1a Supplementary Information Form.pdf254601pdf
Policy Annexe 2 Priority 1b Supplementary Information Form Annexe 2 Priority 1b Supplementary Information Form.pdf174109pdf
Policy Annexe 3 - Request for Deferment form Annexe 3 - Request for Deferment form.pdf155769pdf
Interactive Map User Guide Map User Guide.pdf427684pdf
Leeds Admissions Policy 2018 Secondary Admissions Policy 2018 Secondary.pdf61700pdf
Consultation on LCC School admissions policy 2018 on LCC School admissions policy 2018.pdf50707pdf

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