Recent Statutory Notices

Legislation states that a statutory notice must be published when a local authority proposes to make significant changes to a school.

You can find more guidance on this on GOV.UK - School organisation: local-authority-maintained schools.

Any statutory notices published by the local authority relating to proposals to make significant changes to a school will be detailed on this page and at the school in question.

Any comments or queries made during any of the consultation meetings regarding proposals to make changes to schools will be summarised in a report to the Executive Board. A copy of the reports can be found in our meetings archive. A decision must be made within two months of the end of the statutory notice. If the Executive Board do not make a decision the schools adjudicator will step in and make a decision for them.

If a proposal is not approved we would find a way of delivering the required school places in a different way. This might be through amending the initial proposal slightly, producing a completely new proposal (with public consultation) or making temporary arrangements (known as bulge cohorts) in local schools.​ ​

Current Statutory Notices

Proposal to expand Benton Park Secondary School from September 2021

At its meeting on 13 February 2019 Leeds City Council’s Executive Board approved the recommendation to permanently expand Benton Park School from 245 places (8 forms of entry) to 300 places (10 forms of entry) with effect from September 2021, subject to call-in.

See full details of the decision.

Proposal to increase primary school places at Moor Allerton Hall Primary School

New update – At its meeting on 17 September the council’s Executive Board approved the recommendation to permanently expand Moor Allerton Hall Primary School from 2 forms of entry (60 places) to 3 forms of entry (90 places) from September 2019. 

This decision was ‘called-in’ for review and the council’s Scrutiny Board met on 10 October to consider the reasons for ‘call-in’. The outcome of the Scrutiny Board meeting was that the Executive Board’s decision was released for implementation meaning that the proposals can now go ahead.

Following the consultation to expand Moor Allerton Hall Primary School, at its meeting on 27 June 2018 the council’s Executive Board approved the recommendation to publish a Statutory Notice in relation to the proposal to expand the school.

The Full Proposal (PDF 33KB) and the Statutory Notice (PDF 58KB) are available to read online.

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Benton Park Full Proposal Park Full Proposal.pdf165785pdf
Allerton C of E Full Proposal C of E Full Proposal.pdf25855pdf
Allerton C of E Statutory Notice C of E Statutory Notice.pdf53259pdf
Carr Manor Community Full proposal Manor Community Full proposal.pdf21357pdf
Carr Manor Community Statutory Notice Manor Community Statutory Notice.pdf53750pdf
Full proposal Beeston Hill St Lukes proposal Beeston Hill St Lukes.pdf86366pdf
Hovingham age range Full proposal age range Full proposal.pdf77868pdf
Hovingham age range Statutory Notice age range Statutory Notice.pdf78349pdf
Moor Allerton Hall Primary School Full Proposal Allerton Hall Primary School Full Proposal.pdf28163pdf
Statutory notice Beeston Hill St Luke's notice Beeston Hill St Luke's.pdf128136pdf
Statutory Notice Benton Park School Notice Benton Park School.pdf18392pdf
Statutory Notice Moor Allerton Hall Primary School Notice Moor Allerton Hall Primary School.pdf53536pdf

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