Educational psychology

What does the Educational Psychology Team do?

The Educational Psychology Team supports inclusion for children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) through the application of psychology. We work with settings, carers, parents, children and young people aged 0 to19 years with SEN, and with 0 to 25 years for Educational Health and Care Plan assessments.

An educational psychologist is trained to understand how children and young people:

  • develop their thinking, learning and problem solving skills
  • behave and their relationships with other people
  • understand feelings and control their behaviours
  • feel about school and what may improve their school experience

we provide:

  • advice and support to those working closely with the child or young person
  • a range of training and project work to schools and settings to build the capacity of staff to meet the needs of children and young people
  • psychological assessments and intervention
  • psychological advice for Statutory Assessments and associated statutory processes​

Where is it offered and is it accessible?

The Educational Psychology Team offer an accessible city-wide service and work in an environment that is suitable for the child. Educational psychologists are able to work with all children who have SEN, including children who have complex needs​

How can I get it?

Your child is most likely to be identified by their school as needing the support of an educational psychologist, if the school has decided that they are unable to meet those needs without support. An educational psychologist will assess children whose parents have requested an EHC plan as part of the process. Younger children with high level needs may be referred to the Educational Psychology Team by Health Professionals via a Health-Education Notification.

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