Money matters for young people

As a young person in learning, training or employment, you need to know what financial support or income you may be able to get and how to manage your money. Lack of money should never put you off staying in learning. There are many ways you can get financial help.

Young people who need financial support to help them stay in education or training after 16 can apply to their school, college or training provider for the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund. Look at the fact sheet about the bursaries to see whether you could be eligible for this. You may also qualify for support from a ‘Discretionary Support Fund’ at your chosen sixth form or college. If you are a young person caring for a child, you may get ‘Care to Learn’ help with both childcare and travel costs to allow you to carry on learning. If you are an apprentice you sign up for an apprentice discount card.

Financial help for higher education
If you want to go to university or further learning, you will need to find out about student tuition fees, grants and loans through Student Finance​. It also pays to find out about any bursaries or awards you may be eligible for:

NHS bursaries for some health-related degrees

Social work bursaries​​

Dance and drama awards​

Grants from charities

Managing your money
The Government directgov website provides a lot of information about subjects like tax, National Insurance, benefits​​​ (such as Child Benefit, Disability allowances), keeping to a budget and places to look for financial help. It also advises you about setting up a bank account, which is where your salary or wage will be paid into if you are working.

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